Silky Sleep - Gift Hamper Pack - Power Gummies
Silky Sleep - Gift Hamper Pack - Power Gummies
Silky Sleep - Gift Hamper Pack - Power Gummies
Silky Sleep - Gift Hamper Pack - Power Gummies
Silky Sleep - Gift Hamper Pack - Power Gummies
Silky Sleep - Gift Hamper Pack - Power Gummies

Silky Sleep - Gift Hamper Pack

SPECIAL PACK | 60 Gummies

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This festive season, give your loved ones the gift of health with "Silk Sleep Pack" by Power Gummies. A night of restful sleep to promise a great day ahead. A hamper created exclusively, filled with Nutrition, Deliciousness, Happiness and of course Love! Comes with a Premium Packaging which contains: Vitamin infused Gummies that are delicious in taste and full of nutrition to help you sleep better, a set of Satin Pyjamas that is smooth like butter on your skin to give you the premium sleeping experience, an eye mask to block all the unwanted light, and a satin scrunchie  which glides on your hair preventing hair breakage. All combined in a beautiful box with magnetic closure and aesthetic colours, making it the perfect gifting option for your loved ones.


  • Gelatine &
    Gluten Free



  • Tasty &


Proven Results

  • Improves
    Sleep Time

  • Reduces

  • Relaxes

  • Helps With
    Skin Repair

Manufactured in Guangdong P.R.C.

How to use
Just two gummies 30 minutes before bed and wander off to your Dream Land. Cute Rabbit-shaped, passion fruit-flavoured gummies to promise you a Sound Slumber. These gummies are absolutely non-habit forming. So Rest Assured, literally! Happiness is Gender Neutral, so are our Gummies! Safe and recommended for all genders because everyone deserves the Gift of Better Nutrition.

Why wait for an occasion to show your close ones how much you care about them! Nutrition isn't optional and neither should your 'Gift of Care' be. Today, Tomorrow & Everyday.
Vitamin B6

Essential nutrient for sound restful sleep. Strengthens the mind for a relaxing night & productive day.



  • How many gummies can I consume in a day?
  • Less is more to Sleep peacefully and wake up relaxed! 

    You need to pop two gummies 30 minutes before your nighttime Sleep. Two gummies are enough to glide into a sounder and relaxed sleep. You will be amazed how well just two gummies every night can do to make your regular sleep-a beauty sleep! 

    We got formal approval from sleepy fairies, and they take them daily too.

  • Any known side effects?
  • Your undisturbed sleep is infused with natural vitamins & extracts so you sleep peacefully & safely.These gummies are scientifically proven, clean, vegetarian plus formulated keeping all the good stuffin mind.

  • At what time should I eat these gummies?
  • Life is better when you are in your pajamas, a candle is lit, and the bed is set. 

    We urge you to take the gummies at night time, as it helps you balance your sleep cycle plus allows you to sail to a sounder slumber and attain beauty sleep goals. 

    Unwind at night and rekindle in the morning!

  • Is it okay if I pair them with any other gummies?
  • Yes, your beauty sleep regime gets along well will all yummy gummies. You can pair them with your favourite gummies and enjoy double the benefits.

Silky Sleep - Gift Hamper Pack– Power Gummies