Heenal Kukreja

Delhi, India

A great product! I got my hair coloured last month, and due to that the texture of my hair became very rough. My hair became dry and drastic hair fall happened. After having Power Gummies, in the second month, I observed that my hair became smooth. Hair fall is also comparatively less. A great product! I got my hair coloured last month, and due to that the texture of my hair became very rough….

Mehak Saxena

Bangalore, India

My hair was super thick and healthy but it got damaged a while back by using some product and it literally ruined my hair. My hair has become frizzy and a ground of dandruff.  I've been trying to find a way to get my hair to feel healthy again and even grow a little (it has the hardest time growing) and these Power gummies  actually worked!!! My hair has grown more than it's grown in the past few years. So, I’m very happy and satisfied.

I love them, you should really give them a try! :)


Pune, India

I’m the happiest consumer of Power gummies. I've been using the power gummies since Jan 2020 and I can see the huge difference. I started the journey with short, frizzy and dull hair Now I have long, healthy and beautiful tresses. Thanks a ton POWER GUMMIES!!!

Seema Chauhan

Jaipur, India

For years I’ve tried every oil, medications and Home remedies to grow out my hair but nothing worked out. I couldn’t ever get silky soft hair that would grow :( I saw Power gummies on Instagram  and decided to give it a shot! I couldn’t be happier than ever with the results.my hair is growing and becoming so soft.  I am beyond excited and love eating my Power gummies, I always want to eat more than 2 gummies in a day. They taste so good!! Thank you power gummies for helping me obtain my dream of long healthy hair!!!

Saumya Singh

Patna, India

At first I was skeptical about the Power Gummies , not sure whether some of the reviews online were honest opinions or out they were endorsed. Despite my skepticism I still wanted to give it a try and see if it would work for me. I'm on my second bottle and I must say the quality and strength of my hair has improved. I would say if you're skeptical, just give it a try you won't be disappointed, might even surprise you, like it did for me!

Tanya Chaudhari

I’m blown with the results these Beach Body Gummies have shown me over the 90 days. I’m using this as a pre-workout supplement. It contains green tea and l carnitine which is helping me in burning fat faster. Comes in a superb tangy taste flavor, which I personally like and you can easily carry it to your gym and Pilates classes.

Utkarsha Raturi

I have been having Beach Body gummies since quite a few days now in continuity after getting to know about them through Instagram. Most interesting part to me was the presence of L-carnitine which made me try out the product as it helps with high velocity workouts. It just keeps me energised. What else is needed

Shivangi Kocchar

Beach Body Gummies helped me to control my appetite. Earlier I used to binge a lot and now my cravings are controlled. It has a great taste as it mentions orange twist flavor. While green coffee has been my most favorite ingredient helping with detoxification. I have felt a difference in my weight and feel energetic now. Take your Beach Body to know.

Anamika Dwivedi

Best part is that it has no side effects. Usually any such supplements always come with side effects for weight loss. The thing I liked about Beach Body was it doesn’t not promise instant weight loss but gradually with regular exercise, healthy eating and sleeping properly. I totally support these gummies as they are genuine and effective.

Deepika Gwalani

These Beach Body gummies are so cute and tasty that it’s almost like candy treat in between the tough workout day and still not taking away my hard work but rather helping with the secret ingredients -L-carnitine, Green Coffee and Vitamin C. Anyone from the fitness arena would know how important L-carnitine is along with workouts and Green Coffee put the right balance with keeping the gut detoxified and light. Being fit should be everyone’s goal and these cute green gummies are perfect for achieving it.


Am never bloated like before now. Very easy and the best part is 0 gm of added sugar. Just going in sync with my regular meal plans. I have been having these from past 6 months regularly and lost almost 4-6 kg with regular workout. Truly, ever since I have started having these orange twist tangy flavored gummies I have seen an improvement in my digestion and feel less bloated.

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