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Please go through the entire terms and conditions cautiously before downloading, registering, browsing, accessing, or making use of the website as stated below. By registering, accessing, or using the website’s services, you agree to comply with terms and conditions stated below which includes secondary guidelines and any future changes thereafter. If the user does not wish to agree with the terms and conditions or abide by the same, the user may not access or make use of the website, thereby resulting in an immediate termination of the use of services.


Your Agreement to the Terms and Conditions for availing Service

The following terms and conditions (which may be amended at frequent intervals, either the ‘Agreement’ or ‘Terms’) establish a legal contract amidst You, as an individual user, the user(s), or any associated beneficiary who has acquired a legal age of 18 years, (“You” or “User”), and Aesthetic Nutrition Private Limited having its office registered at J-38/B, Ground floor, J Block, Vikaspuri, New Delhi-110018, West (Delhi)-110018.

Aesthetic Nutrition Private Limited is a nutrition-based company which is the owner as well as the operator of the website, namely, www.aestheticnutririon.in, that facilitates the users (as stated above), by dispensing a platform with information regarding the company and its associated product line.

When you confirm to the current terms and conditions, the privacy policy, as well as the related rules and regulations, guidelines and policies introduced by Aesthetic Nutrition Private Limited that might change from time to time, the user(as defined above), shall be provided access to the services listed by the service providers. Upon accessing and using the website, you comply to and acknowledge the following:


1. Eligibility to Use:

The user should confirm that he/she is at least 18 years of age, and has not been a part of any event that has led to the suspension or prohibition of rights to access the website in the past. The user should confirm that he/she is of sound mental health to adhere to the website's rules and regulations.


2. Your Registration and Account Obligations:

You shall hold responsibility for any activity that takes place under your user ID and password. You also agree that if you participate in releasing false, inaccurate or incomplete information, or if we have proper and reasonable evidence and grounds to suspect that any such information you release is false, inaccurate or incomplete which is in disagreement with the Terms of Use, we hold the right to suspend or abort or block your access to the membership obtained for the website and thereby refuse to allow you access to the contents of the website.


3. Cancellation of Services:

There may be certain orders that Aesthetic Nutrition would be incapable to accept and provide service. Aesthetic Nutrition may cancel the same with information regarding the same passed on to the user. In case the user has been charged, the amount debited shall be credited back to the user.