Hair Vitamin 3 Month
Power Gummies 3 Month Pack
Best Hair Growth Supplement
Best Hair Vitamin in India
Power Gummies Review
How to Use Pummies
Power Gummies Effective
Power Gummies For Male
Ingredients Of Power Gummies
Best Hair Biotin
Hair Vitamin 3 Month
Power Gummies 3 Month Pack
Best Hair Growth Supplement
Best Hair Vitamin in India
Power Gummies Review
How to Use Pummies
Power Gummies Effective
Power Gummies For Male
Ingredients Of Power Gummies
Best Hair Biotin

Hair & Nail Vitamins-3 Months Pack

3 Month | 180 Gummies

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Gorgeous Hair & Nail is your endgame resort to overall hair health giving you the power of happy hair every day. Gives you the hair and nails of your dreams putting the perfect vitamins and nutrient power in your body. Because it all begins with what you put inside your body. At Power Gummies®️, we believe that when a healthy regime is simple and delicious, it’s easy to follow it all the way to success. And because good health leads to great confidence, happiness follows naturally.

The beautiful hair days won't be long away with these blue gummies that help to enhance hair growth and boost metabolism. Hair rescuing is not impossible and you will know how with these berry-flavored gummies.

Conceptualized in India, Power Gummies®️ are crafted for maximum safety and best results along with clinically proven results within 90 days. These Rabbit shaped Gummies have the best ingredients available and are certified by FSSAI for quality and safety.

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9. Do not use the product while the testee is being measured by CT or MRI.

10. Operating Environment-

  i. Temperature: 10°C - 40°C

  ii. Relative Humidity: <75%

  iii. Atmosphere Pressure: 700 hPa - 1060 hPa


2 gummies a day keep health problems at bay. Take two gummies daily and enjoy gorgeous hair and nails.

  • VEGAN &

  • Gelatine &
    Gluten Free



  • Tasty &


Proven Results

  • Aids Hair

  • Promotes
    Stronger Nails

  • Glowing

  • Increased

How to use

Helps increase the body’s keratin infrastructure, leading to strong hair and maximizing nail and hair growth.


Regulates hormones, aids protein synthesis and helps in absorbing nutrients, making it an important nutrient for beautiful hair and nails.

Vitamins A to E

Strengthens hair and nails, reduces breakage, nourishes the scalp and increases metabolism.



  • Will I experience side effects?
  • Power Gummies is a lab-tested Biotin Beauty Product with multiple benefits like hair growth, nail growth, skin glow & boosting metabolism with no side effects at all. It is certified by FSSAI and FDA compliant.

  • Can I use Power Gummies with other hair vitamins?
  • Yes, Power Gummies supports all other types of hair vitamin but we would like to advise you not to consume too much biotin and vitamin A in a per-day quantity. As medical studies suggest that overdose may cause negative effects on the health of some individuals who are taking large amounts of biotin supplements than the suggested quantity.

  • When can I expect results as I have thin hairs and hair fall?
  • Complete and visible results will be shown in 2-3 months. You will start noticing the visible changes in your hair by the end of the first month. Also, it depends on person to person. Some people see drastic changes in the first month only.

  • I have heavy hair fall after my pregnancy, How Power gummies will help to control Hair fall?
  • Power Gummies are safe to consume and have no side effects. However, we recommend consulting the doctor if you are pregnant or nursing a baby.

  • Can a diabetic patient take Power Gummies?
  • No, we advise consulting the doctor. These gummies have a negligible amount of sugar in it. It is safe though but doctor consultation is required.

  • Can men take Power Gummies?
  • Yes, Power Gummies is a unisex product and suited to be consumed by all genders ageing above 18 years.

  • Can a Thyroid patient take the Gummies?
  • Power Gummies have Iodine which is important for Thyroid patients. However, we advise consulting the doctor for the same and not take any risk.

  • Is it good for skin also? How it is helpful for the skin?
  • Yes, as it contains key fuel for skin - Vitamin C, E,A, Biotin & Folic acid.

    Power Fact: These key ingredients plays a vital role in maintaining skin health. Vitamin C, because of its antioxidant properties aids in your skin's natural regeneration process, which helps your body repair damaged skin cells.

    Vitamin A & E help retain skin moisture and biotin resets keratin infrastructure of body.

    Myth Buster: There is a misconception that excess Biotin intake causes acne. On the contrary, excess biotin gets flushed out of the body as it is a water soluble vitamin. So, it does not harm you in any manner.

    Health expert advice: It is advised to maintain a good water intake with Biotin supplements.

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