7 Gifting Ideas for your Brother This Bhai Dooj

From fighting with your brother to spending time with each other, it all has been special. Being a brother means having a most trusted friend and a worst adversary at the same time. They're an accomplice in your crime as well. After having spent the most prosperous festival together, Diwali…it’s now time to show him your love and affection on Bhai Dooj. 

This festival is celebrated a day after Diwali is over. It is marked as a day when Lord Krishna visited Subhadra, his sister after defeating Narakasura, a demon. Unlike Raksha bandhan where the rakhi can be tied on anybody’s wrist to protect them, Bhai Dooj is especially enjoyed to mark the special bond between brothers and sisters. 

Hence, to show you care towards your brother, it’s your chance ladies to gift your brother a token of your love. You can even give them a pack of healthy gummies that can improve the health of their multiple body parts. 

Have a look at the numerous gifting ideas that you can use for Bhai Dooj…

1. Customized Mugs

Waking up in the morning and sipping tea or coffee with your sibling. You would be doing it too. Then why not gift your brother a customized cup featuring your special note for him? You can compose any custom message here or even write a sweet message about their favorite film characters.

2. Neck Pillow

To bring comfort and relaxation, give your brother a neck pillow for his neck and back which can be suitable for all his journeys. It's also a good idea as he can lay down at work as well. However, make sure your Bhai Dooj present doesn't cause him to feel guilty for sleeping in the middle of an extremely busy day.

3. Bicycle

Your younger brother would love this gift. Presenting him a bicycle can give him immense love and pleasure. Also, it would help him in improving his health. It can provide him with an exercise routine while it is an essential element of his daily routine.

4. Back Seat Massager

As your brother reaches his old age, the extended hours of work often can be a strain on his back and shoulders. Thus, you can give him a back-seat massager as this could be a fantastic present without a second thought. 

He can easily take the gift without any problems to the office and put it on the chair. It will provide a relaxing massage all day long, and he can also finish his work without stress. It is also possible to add this to his favorite chair and utilize the same at home to get the comfort of a relaxing massage.

5. Activity Tracker

This year, you can help your brother keep track of his daily tasks by giving him an activity monitor. It's a tiny device that can be worn to keep his health under control. An activity tracker will also provide the precise number of calories, speed counts and more.

6. Pets

If your brother is fond of keeping pets, you can surprise him by gifting him an animal this Bhai Dooj. Alongside the pet, make a treatment package for the pet too. For example, if you're gifting him a puppy, you should put together a separate bag to hold its collar, toys, food, water and bedding.

7. Car Phone Mount

This year, for Bhai Dooj, get your brother with a safety device. If your brother has a car then you can help him focus on the road using the phone mount for cars. It will remain in the center of their vehicle's dashboard, so that they don't have to look for long periods of time at the map. 

The grips on its arms can accommodate even the biggest of smartphones and even allow him to make use of the phone in portrait or landscape mode.

To Conclude

Presenting your love on Bhai Dooj in the form of gifts can be pleasing and exciting for your brother. This way you can also show him how much you care and respect his love. Also, you know how precious a man’s hair is for him. Thus, gifting them a pack of hair gummies can be beneficial for them. 

Being packed with multiple nutritional elements such as Biotin, Zinc, and Vitamins A to E, the “Gorgeous Hair and Nails” gummies supply you with the adequate nutrients that hair and scalp needs to enhance its health.

Give your brother the gift of health!
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