5 Makeup Ideas to Glam Up This Christmas

Winters can never be complete without celebrating the most awaited holiday…Christmas. The birth of Jesus Christ is a huge occasion to celebrate. But how can this celebration be accomplished without some glitz and glam? It’s necessary of course. 

And beauties you have got another chance to show off your gorgeousness and appear superb. While choosing a makeup look, try to pick up a look that you have never done before so that you get a complete makeover. Also, make sure that you put focus on one facial feature. In case you are going with the eyes, you can choose smokey eyes or glittery eyes. 

Similarly, if the face is on focus, you can choose among dewy, nude, or likewise looks. It is also advised to try the makeup beforehand so that you do not make any last-minute mistakes. This would also help you know if the makeup suits your dress or not. You can also consider the idea of consuming collagen builder gummies that can help build your skin and also give you a nourishing glow. 

1. Snowy Eyes

Winter, Christmas and snow…but have to think about enhancing your party look with something like snowy eyes. This look is not only easy to create but will also add charm to your face. Pairing this steel-white coloured eyeshadow with heavy mascara can be wonderful. In addition to this, you can make a ponytail so that the attention is drawn to your face. 

2. Glossy Red Lips

Christmas and red go hand in hand with each other. So why not add a nice glossy tint of red to your beautiful lips. The red colour on your lips would give a plumping effect and also boost your facial look. Here, the concealer plays an important role too. 

When you apply the concealer just the way required and put on this red lipstick, you would become quirky chic. And it’s upon you how you wanna slay. You can choose amongst matte red, glossy red, and others.  

3. Electric Blue Eyes

The sparkly blue eyeshadow can be an added advantage to your Christmas party makeup. And you know it acts like a cherry on the cake when you apply this makeup on brown eyes. The perfect blend! You just need a blending brush and blue eyeshadow to create this look.

Shhhh…an extra tip for you: Do your eye makeup before applying the face makeup. This would help you in preventing the pigmentation fall off. 

4. Glittery Copper Eyes

Just think about the sparkly and gorgeous copper eyes that turn out to be the perfect look on your face at the evening party on Christmas. Copper being one of the metallic shades can add glitz to your look. Using this shade you can create a smokey eye look and look amazing. Not limited to this, beauties if you have blue-colored eyes, this makeup can make you look radiant. 

5. Sleighing Wings

Imagine the smooth earthy hues on the lids with a stunning winged appearance. This look would work almost every time. But wait, you need to apply some contour too. Gently contouring your face would do wonders in your appearance. Hey! Don’t forget to apply some highlighter. Not a lot but minimal that enhances your overall look. That’s it…you are good to glam up the night. 

In Summary

This Christmas you can go for the above-provided ideas to do your makeup and light up the party. Also, make sure when a lot of makeup is applied, you should put a protective cover at the start. This could be a primer or moisturiser so that a base is applied on your face and the makeup doesn’t get into your pores. Additionally, you can begin consuming skin gummies beforehand to maintain your skin from the earlier phase. 

Our “Jaw Dropping Skin” gummies promote healthy and glowing skin as they have collagen builders. There are wonderful and beneficial ingredients present in these tasty treats such as Sea Buckthorn Powder, Evening Primrose Seed Oil, Glutathione, and Grape Sea Extract. Chewing two of them in a day can nourish your skin’s health, prevent acne and pimples, promote a natural glow and much more.

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