6 Reasons to Include Evening Primrose Oil in Your Skincare Regime

What if we tell you that you can make your skin glow naturally and your heart healthy too! Yes, You can by simply adding the showstopper ingredient to your diet, Evening Primrose oil! This night willow herb, aka evening primrose, has received ample acceptance in recent years, especially in the skincare community, because of its super beneficial benefits!

Evening Primrose is available in many forms, in beauty products, like supplements, or just straight-up oil. So, why and how it helps your body, time to know more, Let's start by understanding, What is Evening Primrose Oil?

A plant that is native to America, Evening Primrose Oil is derived from Oenothera biennis or Evening Primrose flower that opens at sunset. The seeds of the Evening Primrose flower possesses omega-6 fatty acids, the gamma-linolenic acid (omega-6 fatty acids) has anti-inflammatory effects on the body. GLA is used to make hormone-like implications named prostaglandins, which can help subdue inflammation.

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Evening primrose oil has always been a part of period care regimes to manage symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) and menopause. This oil is also considered to help ease skin conditions, such as eczema and acne. It is available both in liquid and solid form.

Traditionally, Indigenous Americans would utilize the leaves and bark of the evening primrose plant for gut and liver issues. It is also believed that it can be a beneficial herbal remedy that can help with the itching caused by dry skin.

We Have Six Reasons Why You Should Include Evening Primrose Oil in Our Regimes to Boost Overall Health:

It Can Help Clear Acne :

GLA omega acid in the evening primrose oil helps with acne by reducing skin inflammation and treating the number of skin lesions that cause injury. It has properties that help retain moisture in the skin. Evening Primrose oil also relieves cheilitis. The condition compels inflammation and pain in the lips induced by acne medicines.

Enhances Overall Skin Health:

Consuming evening primrose orally helps with overall skin improvement. It contains GLA which is said to help in improving the skin’s epidermis. This aids in smoothing skin texture, improves elasticity, adds moisture, makes it firm and fatigue resistant. GLA plays a crucial part if you desire healthy skin structure and function.

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May Ease Eczema:

Eczema is an inflammatory skin condition, some researches have shown that it can treat the skin’s epidermis. It has properties that can help reverse the inflammatory skin condition.

Improves Heart Health:

It has an anti-inflammatory agent and helps lessen blood cholesterol levels. Heart health deteriorates because of the inflammation in the body. But as of now, there is no proper evidence that these issues get caused because of inflammation.

Eases Premenstrual Syndrome Symptoms (PMS):

It is positively efficacious in treating premenstrual syndrome symptoms (PMS), such as depression, irritability, bloating. Premenstrual syndrome symptoms get induced because of sensitivity to normal prolactin levels in the body. GLA in Evening Primrose Oil helps transform a substance in the body (prostaglandin E1) that is supposed to help control prolactin from provoking PMS.

Controls Hair Loss:

A few types of research have shown that using Evening Primrose oils helps control hair loss. People who consume or use the oil directly to the scalp have seen a significant increase in hair regrowth. Combining EPO with other hair oils does help with hair loss and makes strands thicker.


Evening primrose oil is affluent in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an vital fatty acid that is used to treat everything, including female reproductive tissues, blood channels, the respiratory passages, and the nervous system. Using EPO daily as a facial oil or consuming it orally, Evening Primrose oil will help you get a clear and healthy complexion. 

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The Ingredients That Your Skin Will Love and Needs, and We Have Added All the Good Stuff to Nourish It Inside Out:

# Vitamin C & E:

Vitamin C and E help Reduce sun exposure giving a smooth texture and radiant glow with improved collagen elasticity. Vitamin C is crucial for healthy skin, plus it helps to recover damaged skin.

# Evening Primrose Seed Oil:

This oil soothes inflamed skin, improves skin elasticity, and prevents acne. Evening Primrose Seed Oil helps increase overall health, plus it does wonder when it comes to improving skin texture.

# Sea Buckthorn Powder:

Retains moisture resulting in beautifully soft skin. Sea Buckthorn Powder helps revitalize the skin, boosts collagen levels. It reduces inflammation caused by UV exposure, sun damage and relieves skin dryness.

# Grape Seed Extract:

It improves the skin's appearance by reducing blemishes and age spots. It increases the cell turnover and collagen synthesis that makes skin elastic. It raises moisture levels providing the nourishment skin needs, plus it helps Vitamin C and E to become even more effective.

# Glutathione:

Glutathione helps revitalize the skin with reduced pigmentation and brighten with a natural glow. It plays a significant role in the continuous regeneration of healthy skin, the protein can control skin pigment, enhance elasticity, and diminish wrinkles.

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