Do’s & Don’ts To Maintain Beard Growth

Beard growth done. But what’s next? Whether you have a short, long, or even a bushy beard, all of them require maintenance. Maintaining them not only improves their health but can even promote healthier growth. You might be already taking care of your beard but that’s not enough. You need to know whether the rituals that you are following are correct or not. 

There might be some do’s and don’ts of beard maintenance which should be known to you. But to make your work easier, we have figured out the things that you should do while maintaining your beard. Similarly, there is also a list of things that you should avoid while taking care of your facial hair.

Have a look at the do’s and don’ts then…

Do’s of Beard Maintenance:

1. Always Look for the Products that Suit Your Face Type

The type of your skin will determine your needs when it comes to keeping your beard. That is, you may wash your face and beard more often if you have oily skin, however, you should wash it less often if your skin tends to be dry. It's also beneficial to keep your type of skin in mind when you select products. For instance, if you are prone to skin irritation and are prone to breakouts, you may want products that are fragrance-free. If you're prone to acne, you should stay clear of beard oil and other skin care products based on oil in general.

2. Regular Trimming of Beard is Important Regular Beard Trimming

 Trimming of beard can help in the following ways:

➤ Keep your beard in shape and length

➤ keep an eye on split ends to ensure that your beard stays healthy

➤ keep your moustache in check

    If you're looking to keep your length, try to trim your beard every 7 to 10 days. 

    3. Wash Your Facial Hair 2-3 Times Per Week

    It's probably not a surprise that nobody likes a dirty beard. But, unless your whiskers have a great deal of dirt or dust, or you notice them to be particularly slippery or dirty following a spill it's not necessary to wash your beard regularly. Cleaning your beard two or three times a week and maintaining proper grooming habits, including regular brushing, will keep your beard look clean. The cleaner your hands get whenever you touch your hair, the less dirt and germs you transfer to the hair on your face.

    4. Beard Moisturisation is a Must

    Moisturising is a vital aspect of maintaining an attractive beard as it can prevent dryness and irritation. Dry beards appear rough and prickly against your skin. In addition, it may appear dull and get more difficult to manage. It is advised to moisturise even if you suffer from acne or oily skin and your skin will be grateful for it. You can choose to use beard conditioner, moisturiser, or oil, based on the type of skin you have.

    Don’ts of Beard Maintenance:

    1. Do Not Keep Your Beard Care Products Dirty

    Making sure you take care of the grooming equipment helps to stop the accumulation of hair dead skin cells and bacteria, and helps keep the tools in good condition. These are the points you need to keep in mind:

    ➤ Clean and dry razors prior to storing.

    ➤ Replace blades on razors between 5 and 7 shaves, or when the blade appears unclean or damaged.

    ➤ Remove any hair that has accumulated on the clippers after you use them.

    ➤ Rinse the brushes and combs. Shake off any water, then allow to dry completely before storing.

    ➤ Don't throw away rusty or damaged clippers or razors.
    Keep all your equipment in a dry location.

      2. Don’t Leave Your Neckline Unattended Don’t Leave Your Neckline Unattended

      It's likely that the facial hair you have grows beyond the neckline. It's your choice as to where you determine your neckline. It's also at the point where your neck is positioned to meet the lower part of your facial features. Shaving below the neckline can help keep your beard tidy and avoid the appearance of a neckbeard. 

      Therefore it's an essential aspect of the process regardless of whether you wish to expand your beard. Massage the sensitive skin in the area with shaving cream or gel or oil. Then, you can cut using the grain, but not in opposition to it. Always use a razor-sharp enough to reduce irritation and to prevent ingrown hair.

      3. Never Overwash Your Beard

      Gentle is the word to use when washing your beard. Be gentle with your skin and beard by using a gentle facial wash or shampoo. You should also avoid washing your beard as often. If you wash too often or too roughly can cause your beard or the skin beneath the beard to become dry. This can cause irritation and itching.

      In a Nutshell

      While growing your facial hair or even when it comes to maintaining it, you need to take care of certain things. You might have been following some of the older rituals among which some might have turned out to be helpful and some may not. 

      Therefore, it is important that you get familiar with the do’s and don’ts of beard maintenance. So, we hope that you are now aware of what should be done and what not. Also, while maintaining your beard, it is essential that you look after its growth and quality. Therefore, intaking some beard gummies is recommended. 

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