Shamita Shetty Declares Her Love

Yes, you heard it right! Sharara girl has just revealed what’s taking care of her amidst her busy days and that’s none other than Gorgeous Hair & Nail Vitamin Gummies. Putting the curiosity to rest, beauties from Tinseltown have been going gaga over the gummies for some time finding their hair fall rescue partner. We can’t keep calm with the best hair fall gummy review making its way and blowing our minds. Been over 4 years that Power Gummies’ Gorgeous Hair & Nail vitamins have been a rage building a PG community and being the hero product for the brand.

Believer of Science Behind The Gummies - What’s taking care of her most

Dissolving into her dreamland with picture-perfect hair, it has been no secret how the diva has been really particular with a picture-perfect look over the screen with styled luscious hair, flawless skin, regular workouts and healthy eating,  even during her Bigg Boss days. Truly, in her language, gummy science has been doing all that her hair needs the most but only after being 100% sure about the gummies. Shamita Shetty owing to her habit of taking expert guidance and knowing the science behind everything she tries speaks upon how it has been a ride for her with Power Gummies' gorgeous hair and nails throughout last year.

Never ending love for Gummy Crew

Having Shamita Shetty onboard the gummy crew has been a daydream and best hair fall gummy review on seeing how she advocates her journey with Power Gummies with her own experience elaborating on how hair care is not using some randomly selected hair care products. While finding the right hair nutrition has been a task for many, Sharara girl stressed how eating right is important for hair health which goes missing during her days, “You know hair care has so much more to it than just oiling, shampooing and conditioning. It is a complete science in itself. So, naturally, when it comes to my hair, I only trust experts. So, it's not a secret that I absolutely adore my hair, but itne hectic lifestyle k sath baalon ko manage krna becomes a real task.”

She totally recommends it - The only vitamins needed for hair rescue

The versatile actor’s review video is a one-stop review for all people finding hair fall rescue solutions to their regular hair problems. Shamita Shetty can’t stop gushing over her healthier and stronger hair than before in the video bringing out what’s best inside the product showering her love, “The Power Gummies hair vitamins, these gummies contain scientifically researched ingredients like biotin, zinc, folic acid and vitamin A to E that have been clinically proven to increase hair growth by 22%, reduce hair loss by 35% and control dryness and damage by 51%. So I have been taking 2 of these berry-flavoured gummies for the past year and I can't be happier than the way my hair has been.”

Active Promoter of Eating Healthy and Right Nutrition

As the world knows, healthy eating and fitness run in the Shetty family with Shilpa Shetty known as one true fitness icon always promoting a healthy lifestyle, yoga campaigns with ‘Yoga Se Hi Hoga’. There is no wonder how Shamita is so sure to flaunt her hair and challenge people to go and check on the Power Gummies website to check on the claims that made her believe in the gummies apart from her never-ending love for her beautiful appearing hair and berry taste.

She calls in for an open challenge - know it for yourself!

The beauty with brains unabashedly supports the Gorgeous hair and nails gummies as the best resort for hair fall rescue with a one-must to-do of drinking enough water with taking the gummies, “Since most of the nutrients and vitamins in the Power Gummies are water-soluble, drink 3 litres of water in the day for best results. So try Power Gummies out at least for 90 days and say goodbye to bad hair days forever. If you don’t believe me power gummies ki website pe jake check krlo.”

Even as a brand, we have been communicating the same over and round that one needs at least 90 days of healthy eating, soulful sleep, adequate water balance and positive thinking for all Power Gummies to do the gummy magic!

Shamita Shetty Declares Her Love | Power Gummies