Top 5 Hair Care Trends Stealing The Buzz

For many consumers, this year represented a year of odd haircare practices.

Consumers attempted at-home color, haircuts, and treatments for the first time with salons and barbershops closed.

Consumers are eager to keep flexing their at-home hairstyling talents in 2021, while also embracing new formulations, chemicals, and treatments.


Let’s take a look at the 5 major trends that experts believe will shape and design the haircare industry in 2021:

# Scalp care is becoming more mainstream

The scalp has come into focus in 2021, bringing scalp care into the mainstream for more people.

People are increasingly interested in their scalp health and body skin, partly due to COVID.

We are aware of free radical damage to the skin (for example, how UV and pollution may dull and damage your skin), but the same factors also harm the skin of the scalp, so scalp health is also a concern that needs attention.

For multiple reasons, scalp care is essential for healthy hair. To begin, having a healthy scalp might help with hair development.

Furthermore, scalp health can aid in the management of dandruff, redness, and itching.

Scalp care products are expected to go beyond treating dandruff in 2021, into areas such as anti-aging.

# More hair thinning solutions

For many consumers, 2020 was a trying year. Unfortunately, the year's uncertainty resulted in an unprecedented quantity of hair thinning and hair loss among consumers.


People saw a lot of hair loss lately, whether it's seasonal, stress-related, or one of the leftover consequences of COVID-19 infection and manufacturers are delighted to help by offering solutions that you can use at home to counteract it.

Trending components like peptides to boost collagen and topical minoxidil could be used in 2021 formulations to combat hair loss or thinning.

Natural oils like coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil will also be a popular addition to products aimed to nourish the hair cuticle and strands.

# Consumers desire low-maintenance appearances

Consumers are looking for solutions that can help them keep more low-maintenance hairstyles after a long and stressful year.

This has been a grueling and emotional year for everyone; it's been difficult to get into the salon, and many people are opting for a low-maintenance look.

In 2021, experts expect that customers will continue to seek out styles and trims that highlight their natural hair texture.

Low maintenance is the new trend.  Don't be scared to let your strands breathe by air-drying and embracing your natural texture.

# Hair masks for every ailment

Finally, in 2021, consumers are expected to prefer extensive at-home treatments and masks, particularly hair masks. Whether your curls are feeling dry or your highlights are looking dull.

A hair mask can very well be the remedy – they restore moisture, softness, and even brightness to your locks, typically with a single wash.

Consumers will buy hair masks that address a number of claims into their weekly haircare routines in 2021, expanding beyond hydrating masks.

# At home, color protection

With salons and spas closing this year due to the coronavirus, many people tried at-home hair coloring for the first time.

Consumers will continue to buy low-cost, easy-to-use at-home coloring goods in 2021.

With salons shutting down due to the outbreak of COVID 19, businesses are producing a variety of color-care and maintenance solutions that are both user-friendly and affordable.

It is expected that the consumers will grow more worried about maintaining and protecting their hair color at home in the new year, in addition to seeking out at-home coloring solutions.

No matter what the trend be, never sacrifice your diet. A nutrition-filled diet rich in biotin, zinc, and other essential nutrients will help in the long run.

The health of your hair will determine how effectively it can adapt to the changing styles. 

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