8 Hair Trends That Are Going To Shine This Winter

BRB, Poping our first gummy for the day and updating our winter hairstyle catalog! 

The Winter season calls for shuffling and scrolling for new hair trends. With the temperature dropping sooner than we anticipated, it is time to heat up with our new looks. Fall trends are all over social media, and we took a peek into the same for you and selected 8 hairstyles that are apt for you to shine and be the trendsetter!

1. The easy bow: All you need is a pretty bow to make your simple hairstyle fun and elegant. Pull your hair in a half ponytail and clip on the bow to make a statement. You can try this with multiple other hairdos as well.

The easy bow - Powergummies

2. The chic braids: Chic braids always look beautiful stunning, and they help frame your face plus, they look effortless! 

The chic braids

3. Wavy curls: Reemencing summers, aah! Wavy curls look great in both summers and winters. You can try hair curling hacks to reduce heat damage. 

Wavy curls - Powergummies

4. Style with headband: The classic Blair look! Headbands are saviors, especially on a bad hair day. 

Style with headband - Powergummies

5. Twisted ponytails: Tired of all plain ponytails? Try something twisted! Make a plain ponytail and twist it at the end, then add a regular rubber band to secure it. 

Twisted ponytails - Powergummies

6. Sleek buns: Buns are an effortless way to amp up your look and style your greasy hair. Sleek buns have made it to the top 5 of the winter hairstyle list. This hairstyle is fabulous if you are looking for a more polished look. 

Sleek buns - Powergummies

7. The accessory magic: Accessories can live up to any hairstyle you make, and winters are another excuse to add more cute accessories to add more glam to your hair. 

The accessory magic

We can't wait to see how you style your hair this fall. Holidays are coming super soon! With the perfect outfit, you can achieve a super glammed-up look. Winter season, you need to put extra effort and add steps to manage your hair. They become dryer and more prone to get damaged. We have the solution that can change your hair game completely with Power Gummies for Gorgeous hair and nails!

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# Vitamin A to E: Stimulates hair and nails, reduces breakage, nourishes the scalp, and boosts metabolism.

These gummies are super beneficial for hair fall, strengthen hair roots. It also helps with hair and nail growth.

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8 Hair Trends That Are Going To Shine This Winter | Power Gummies