5 Beard Problems & Their Fruitful Solutions

Most of the men would not deny that they love to have fuller and denser beards. A number of factors do cause obstructions to achieve this handsome goal. Your genes and hormones play quite a vital role in this process along with your lifestyle. 

However, if you have crossed this path and managed to grow a voluminous beard, the toughest task that arises here is to maintain it and take care of it properly. The constant dryness in your beard can be due to lack of hydration. 

Apart from this, you might also be undergoing various other issues including beard patches, brittle hair, stubborn wiry hair, dandruff and much more. These issues can have a significant effect on your beard growth. So, if you have been going through the same, it’s time for you to correct it. Don’t worry we are here to help you identify these problems and give the perfect solution for them.

Here's how you can maintain your healthy and voluminous beard…

1. The Dry/ Coarse/ Brittle Beard

The itchy issues associated with beards usually arise due to coarse, brittle and dry beards. In case you are undergoing anything out of this, it's certainly something you need to take care of. Hair products are not intended for use on the beard. 

Beards need to be maintained with products, especially for beard care that is high-quality and nourishes the beard. Another reason why you might not have a soft, smooth beard is that you have a tendency to wash your beard too much. Doing so can strip the oils from your beard's follicles. 

Solution: You can try washing your beard three times per week in order to let your sebaceous glands create enough sebum oil that will provide moisture. You should also use top-quality beard oil that hydrates your beard and provides nourishment. 

2. Over Trimmed Beard

A visit to a brand new barbershop, only to leave with your beard shaved off even though you just wanted a trim. It's painful, right? The reason barbers usually do this is because they feel they are required to pay for their work and provide better service to their clients. 

Their job is to utilise their shears and cut away, but if the trimming only takes 3-4 minutes, the barbers feel that they have to expand their offerings by cutting more.

Solution: You should start trimming your own beard. It can be a little intimidating at first. Cutting off your beard could be equally nerve-wracking. The fear of cutting off too much and then having to cut it all can be a bit stressful but it'll help you save time and cash at the barbershop after you've got the hang of it. However, when you've mastered it, it would become a simple routine, and cost-effective.

3. An Itchy Beard

Everyone has been there..the irritation of that unruly discomfort during the day, or even when you're trying to rest. It would feel that shaving appears to be the only way to get rid of it. When you use a low-quality razor/trimmer/scissors, the blade's material has a lot of microscopic jagged edges that stripe off the follicles into small, splinter-like strands. As the hair strands grow, they curl upwards and pierce the skin all the time. The hair follicles thus become thick, which can intensify the burning or itchy sensation.

Solution: The more you trim the hair, the sharper edge of the hair follicle. Therefore, it is recommended to make use of top-quality shears or scissors that can clean loose hair strands but preserve the naturally tapered edges of your hair. As a result, your hair will rest on your skin without the sharpness that triggers itching.

4. Useless Remedies & Unproductive Beard Products

There are hundreds of men with beards who invest lots of money in beard products but are never satisfied with their results. Either the oils are too powerful or have ingredients that trigger allergies, etc. In case this problem is being faced by you too, then it's high time to try an effective solution.  

Solution: When you are not getting satisfactory results from the beard products you are using, you can turn to natural products. Hence, you can look forward to natural oils that can grow your beard. 

5. The Uneven or Patchy Beard Growth

The rate of your beard growth as well as the pattern and amount of coverage depends on your genetics. Poor lifestyle choices like inadequate nutrition and insufficient exercise can also have a detrimental impact on the body's facial hair growth. Particularly, these bad habits can drastically reduce the levels of Testosterone as well as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). 

As observed, DHT has a direct impact on the development of desirable masculine traits, like having a strong jawline, a deep voice and even the growth of facial hair. Increasing the amount of Testosterone can boost DHT through the conversion of Testosterone into DHT by using a five-AR enzyme.

Solution: Consuming greens and drinking up to 2-4 litres of water a day, obtaining your protein intake, and staying active can positively impact the growth of your beard naturally.

All in All

You may have multiple problems with the health and quality of your beard. However, after going through the above post, you would have now become well-versed with its solution. Once you start to implement the solution, you would be able to overcome these issues. As beard health is important, you can consider consuming beard growth gummies  that can provide you with the nutrition that is required. Thus, the “Dapper Hair & Beard” gummies can be your true friend. 

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