Myth Vs Fact: Growing a Healthy & Fuller Beard

Growing a beard might be a challenging task for many people. For some, it would come out naturally, while others might be trying to resolve their patchy beard or thin hair strands issue. Although there are several ways to grow your facial hair, you may get inclined towards myths and start acknowledging them. 

These myths spread from one person to another and more people start believing them. As you know there are several factors that affect your beard growth, you should try to work more on them instead of continuing with the myths. Hence, we are here to help you out with these. 

As you go through the post below, you would be able to recognize the myths that you might be following. But wait…we have provided the facts behind them too. 

Let us further look at those myths along with their facts…

Myth 1: You cannot Regrow Facial Hair If You Have a Patchy Beard

Many men feel that the bald spots on their cheeks will not grow in, so they forgo trying to grow a full beard. Different people have different growth rates for their hair. Similarly, beard growth is also different for every individual. 

You just need to be patient if your beard is patchy. The areas that have less growth will eventually fill in. These bald, weak, or bald spots will eventually disappear after about 2-4 months of dedicated hair growth. You can regrow them through natural methods or can eat biotin-rich supplements to boost their growth.

Myth 2: Beard Looks Good Only if You Have a Moustache

You might have been thinking that a moustache is important if you want your beard to look attractive. But this isn’t the case. Once you start noticing the men you pass through every day, you would be surprised at how many bearded men have been sporting their facial hair with moustaches shaved off. 

As said an individual is the biggest critic of himself, you probably won’t notice this while looking at someone with a moustache and without a beard but if it’s you, you might criticise yourself. However, you should try to look at your beard as an entire style and see how it compliments your other styles.

Myth 3: Beard Growth Increases By Shaving

People believe that shaving will increase their beards' thickness and speed. But, this is the most common myth. Thus, to reveal the truth, shaving does not remove the hair follicles of the beard present below the skin. 

Therefore, it does not affect the growth of your beard. Shaving does not change the thickness, pace of growth, or colour of the hair. Shaving facial hair produces a blunt tip. As it develops, the tip may feel coarse.  During this stage, the hair may be more visible and appear thicker and darker.

Myth 4: It Requires Around 3 to 4 Weeks for a Beard to Completely Cover One's Face

Although it would be beautiful if the world was this way, beards don't grow as fast as two or three weeks. Your beard can take up to three months for it to grow. Sometimes it can take longer. A full beard takes between two and four months, but this varies from person to person. 

One person might experience an inch of growth per month while another may only see a growth of a quarter of an inch. Thus, you should know that your race, genetics, age, and multiple other factors all affect the rate of your beard growth.

Myth 5: Genes That Help in Developing Facial Hair Comes From Your Mother’s Side

A common belief is that beard inheritance including the pattern of your beard growth, density, and colour comes from the mother side of the family. They even believe that the "baldness gene" is inherited from the mother. Instead, the truth here is that these genes are actually inherited from both your mother's well as father’s sides. Therefore, your facial hair grows according to the mixed genes.

In Essence

Beards can be grown and maintained in several ways. However, focusing more on facts rather than believing the myths can help you grow them in a better way. As you have now become familiar with the myths and their truth, you would be aware of the myths that you had been following and change them. 

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