6 Skin Care Tips You Need to Apply Post-Festivities

Festivities are all about getting ready multiple times. From changing your outfit to applying makeup according to the time of the day, it’s all amazing. Layers of makeup and the numerous kinds of makeup can affect your skin. 

Your skin gets so packed during the festival that it hardly gets time to breathe fully. Even though you apply some sort of cream prior to applying makeup, your skin has to be taken care of later. No worries…we are here to protect your skin. 

To get glowing skin, you, therefore, need to revise your skincare routine and begin following the new one sooner. Even collagen gummies can be your shield here. Consuming them would help you to supply adequate nutrients to your skin. 

Let us have a further look at some of the beneficial skincare tips to make your skin healthy and glowing…

1. Deep Cleanse Your Skin

Excessive exposure to smoke during the festival can result in folliculitis or boils as well as acne exacerbation or skin rashes. To avoid this, you must thoroughly clean your hair and body thoroughly following the celebration to avoid the harm caused by the ash and smoke. 

Deep cleaning is crucial for maintaining healthy and radiant skin. Cleansing can assist anti-ageing products and treatments to work effectively. It even helps to maintain the proper size of the pores. Additionally, cleansing aids in maintaining the proper hydration of your skin and also stops the production of excessive oils.

2. Hydrate your Body Using a Moisturiser

After wearing stilettos and heavy-duty traditional attire over the last few weeks, the dried skin that covers your body may be in need of a break. The solution is to hydrate the skin using a nourishing moisturiser. Moisturiser allows your body to breathe and heal fully from the effects of those heavy makeup days.  

3. Use Steam Therapy

Steam opens up the pores and assists in removing any dirt that has accumulated inside the skin to provide a thorough cleanse. When you open up your pores, it helps to soften blackheads and you can easily get rid of them. Warm steam along with an increase in perspiration can expand the blood vessels and further boost circulation. This would eventually help in the healing of the damaged skin tissues.

4. Your Face Needs to Be Pampered

After a long day of wearing makeup it's time to take a break for your skin. The best method to do this is to use a deep moisturising facial mask. Coconut oil and honey are natural moisturisers and become a great combination with cool yoghurt and avocados that are rich in fatty acids. This face mask is all you require to nourish your skin naturally. 

To do so, begin by mixing the pulp of an avocado, which is still ripe. Add 1 teaspoon of Greek yoghurt to this and one teaspoon of honey and some drops of coconut oil. Spread this paste over your neck and face properly, then leave it on for about 30 to 40 minutes. Lastly, rinse it using warm water.  

5. Get Rid of the Dullness with a Face Wash

With the abundance of fireworks and lots of pollutants, it's not a surprise that your skin might have become dull and lifeless following the celebrations. To revive its former glory, you need to wash using a cleansing face wash. 

Using a proper face wash would ensure that the dirt has been removed from within and would enhance your skin's health. Your dull skin would also get a glowing look within a few minutes.

6. Eat Healthy

Your skin needs some well-deserved relaxation by opting for simple makeup or no makeup whatsoever. Therefore, consuming fruits and vegetables that can be healthy for your skin is recommended. You need to include more green and leafy vegetables to give your skin the nutrition it needs to glow from within. 

Eating foods rich in Vitamin E will keep your skin healthy and plump. Along with this, you can take care of the dry areas of the body by applying coconut oil to them. Doing so would not only properly hydrate the skin but also help it return to its previous glow. 

All in All

Don’t forget to sip enough water peeps. It is one of the best ways to hydrate your skin and glow it from within. Moving further, you should look for some collagen-rich skin gummies. You can thus go for our “Jaw Dropping Skin” gummies to make your skin radiant. 

Enriched with Evening Primrose Seed Oil, Grape Sea Extract, Glutathione, and Sea Buckthorn Powder, these lemon twist-flavoured gummies give you the perfect glow. It supplies the nutrients that make your skin healthy from the inside and help you overcome dark spots, pimples, and acne. You simply have to pop two of these cute gummies during the day and observe a significant change gradually.

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