6 Ways to Love Yourself on Your Periods

Periods coming again! Be it your first time or the nth time, every time it feels the same. Those mood swings and cramps are just so irritating. However, the reality of what women go through when they are going through their menstruation is very different from the stories and images in films and stories. 

No matter whether you're a new mother or a working professional, you have to keep that active energy the whole day as you have on regular days. Instead, you just do not want to do anything and want to just lie on your bed these 4-5 days. 

Since this is a time which occurs every month, you deserve that extra care and pampering. In case you have enormous pain during your periods, you can look out for the consumption of period gummies that can help you in maintaining the health of your ovaries and ease your period days. 

Don’t worry beauties…we have some amazing ways that can provide you with the relaxation that you have been always wanting. Let us thus start with these…

1. Take Warm Bath

Water can assist you in many ways during your periods. A warm bath can uplift your mood. Keeping your body warm can also aid in controlling the flow of menstrual blood and will ensure that all excess blood from your body leaves in the proper way. 

Start with a gentle massage of your scalp using an anti-stress shampoo with conditioner. After you're done with your hair, apply a deep pores body scrub to scrub off the dead skin cells and then slough off your hair by using a body wash that smells. 

Then fill the tub up with hot water and soak five tbsps of Epsom Salt, and add 6 drops of lavender oil, 6 drops of clary sage as well as 6 drops of Bergamot oil. This will allow the muscles to relax and ease cramps during the period to a certain extent.

2. Go For Products That Can Ease Your Periods

Ensure that you make use of comfortable, natural and biodegradable pads to sanitise your body during the entire menstruation. They're not just healthy for you and provide comfort, but they're great for the environment too. They will aid you in managing your period with ease and also provide an enjoyable experience that is free of dangerous chemical reactions.

3. Sleep properly

There is nothing that can assist you through your period more than a large, full night of sleep. Adults require between 7 and 9 hours of rest. A good night's sleep each night during this cycle can surely boost your mood, alertness and overall performance not just at this time of the month, but all the time. When you are going through your periods, an adequate sleep schedule will give you the vitality needed to manage the fluctuations and ups that can occur over the course of four to five days.

4. Put on Your Earplugs And Listen to Your Favourite Music

It's true what they say...music makes everything better. Go for a walk and put on your earplugs with your most loved tracks. It's guaranteed to bring your mind to a peaceful state, and possibly make you forget the pain caused by the cramps. It's a good thing that you could even dance to the uplifting tunes! But, please ensure that you don't overwork yourself.

5. Wear Your Comfiest Clothes

Becoming comfortable during the course of the months is crucial because it could impact your mood and emotional state in a significant way. You're already experiencing painful cramps and you shouldn't be wearing clothing which restricts blood circulation. Don't think about high shoes and tight skirts. Loose pants and flowing tops are the best way to dress up when you are going through your period. 

6. Don’t Forget To Sip Enough Water

Bloating is one of the very common symptoms that one has to go through when being on periods. Thus, to prevent bloating, it is advised to drink more water to stay hydrated as it can help eliminate the feeling of bloating. Drinking enough water inside your body can also prevent water retention as well as improve digestion.

Summing Up

Periods are those days when you just want to be comfortable and want love. However, you can love yourself too even if no one’s there. Practising the above-provided ways can give you the warmth and comfort that you need during this time. 

Ladies, we have another thing that can assist you in your periods as well as maintain your overall ovarian health. These are nothing but period pain gummies. The strawberry-flavoured “That Time of The Month” gummies can help you in improving your ovaries' health and thus make your periods less painful and irritating. 

They have amazing ingredients such as Chasteberry Extract, Milk Thistle Extract, Vitamins B6 & C, Passion Flower Extract as well as Magnesium Sulphate. Popping two of these tasty treats can support your overall health and regulate your menstrual cycle.

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