Beard Styles to Rock the New Year's Bash

Is there anyone who doesn’t want to be the star of the new year party? It’s obvious you want to…You must have decided on your outfit by now. But then what’s stopping you from being the star of the night? Oh yes! Your hair and beard style. Have you decided how will you groom yourself to give the perfect compliment to your face as well as your outfit? 

Your beard growth also decides which style you should go with. No worries, whether you have a short or long beard, we have ideas for everything. Down below, we have short-listed some of the beard styles that you can try for your new year’s celebration.

Have a look at them then…

1. Garibaldi

The Garibaldi is, without a doubt, one of the most popular beard styles for men. It looks like you've put in a lot of effort with minimum effort. If you are growing your beard, then that's all you need for this appearance. It would take about four months to grow a beard and a little trim is all you need. However, if you already have a full-fledged beard, you have to do the bare minimum. 

It allows your sideburns to flourish and develop into a beard. The only maintenance required for this beard type is a small trim specifically on the lips or near the bottom of the beard. This gives the appearance of being more rounded. The style is fit for all facial shapes, sizes, shaving abilities, and hair types. With minimal upkeep and significant impact, this beard style is an option to consider for your new year bash.

2. Short-Rounded Beard

A variant of the corporate beard: round beards are the ideal short beard style for males who have square, round, or diamond-shaped faces. It follows the natural contour of the face, without adding any extra weight to the cheeks. 

For people with wider faces, excessive length on the cheeks could cause a chipmunk look. To achieve a shorter, more round look, allow your beard to develop for a period of one to two months and maintain the same length.

3. Stubble Beard

One of the most attractive and classic styles for your new year’s party is a strong stubble. You just have to keep the beard trimmed enough to be visible but not long enough to appear untidy. Make sure to keep it simple by using a small shave. It can be worn for any occasion, and would never come out as too much or underdressed. It's a good option for most facial forms, particularly young gentlemen who are starting to develop. 

4. Scruffy Beard 

The scruffy beard is a longer version of the stubble beard. It adds some roughness to your look. It doesn't matter if the beard isn't perfect or it's thick, it's a style that anyone can put on. For a scruffy look, you need to let your hair grow for between two and four weeks. 

After about three weeks, simply cut the hair at the neckline part if your scruff begins to make its way towards Adam's apple. A beard that is scruffy can be notoriously itchy. Thus, you are advised to get a conditioner to keep your hair soft and your skin hydrated. This can help ease the itching.

5. Faded Beard

It's basically a skin fade to your face. The faded look has gained popularity in the last few years. The fade is done in two parts: on the sideburn and on the face or cheeks. Eliminating cheek bulk helps to slim and increase the length of the face by maintaining the fullness of your beard on the chin. It's a clean style that looks the best when your beard is about 3 to 6 inches long and is trimmed by a skilled barber.

In Summary 

Styling your beard is as important as deciding the perfect attire. So, my dear men, you would have got some ideas that you can use while getting your beard set. Once your beard style matches your outfit, you are ready to set the floor on fire. Guys, you also need to have good hair growth in order to trim your beard as per your choice. Therefore, to cut off this obstruction, you can begin consuming beard gummies

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