Things to Have in The Period Care Kit

Tick tok…tick tok…it might be time for your periods to come. Thinking about that irritation and cramps…right? Those 4 to 5 days are moody, irritating, painful, and whatnot. Here, we can exactly feel you. At the time of your periods, you might also have to search for everything, be it some pain relief medication, period gummies, some pads, and so on. 

Thus, to make your work easier, we suggest creating a period care kit that will contain all the essentials that will help you throughout your menstrual days. This time when your menses would begin and all the necessary things would be in front of you at one place, you will feel more comfortable. 

You can even keep your favourite eateries in this bag. They can be any of your favourites such as chocolates, wafers, or some candy…anything that can help you forget about the irritation. 

Ladies…here is the list of items that you should be having in your period care kit…

1. Wet Wipes/ Tissues

Be it periods or not, you need to keep your genital area clean to maintain hygiene. This purpose multiplies a thousand times when it comes to your period days. Therefore, to keep it clean, you must always carry a pack of wet wipes or tissues. Also, make sure that you have biodegradable ones so that your environment is protected too. 

2. Sanitary Pads/ Tampons/ Menstrual Cup

Of course you need to have sanitary pads in this kit. Periods can knock at the door anytime! So, you should be ready with your shield. Menstrual cups are also something that women have started using these days. 

These are reusable, long-lasting, and a lot more cost-friendly to your pocket. Similar to sanitary pads and tampons, you do not need to throw them away. It just requires a wash with warm water and you can put it back. Also, it has been observed that menstrual cups help reduce vaginal dryness and irritation! 

3. Sanitiser

You cannot forget to keep a sanitiser in your period care kit. These are absolutely essential. Besides maintaining your hygiene through wipes, you need to use sanitiser for utmost hygiene. This will help you keep the bacteria and other germs away so that you do not have a chance of getting any infection. 

4. A Reusable Plastic Bag 

You might be thinking why have we included plastic in this list? So for your information, this plastic can be used to dispose of a sanitary pad. 

5. Extra Underwear

It is also advised to keep extra underwear just for any emergency situation. In case the underwear you are wearing gets stains, you can immediately change it so that the stain doesn’t spread to your pants or the dress you are wearing. 

6. Period Gummies/ Supplements

Cramps during periods are so painful. Not to compare but there are many women who have excessive pain during this time. If you undergo the same, you should also keep some period relief gummies or similar supplements. Taking them can help release the pain and make you feel better. 

7. Chocolates

Periods are also the time when you want to be pampered. You don’t need anyone to pamper you though. So, if you are a chocolate lover, make sure that you keep your favourite chocolates. This will uplift your mood and assist in reduced mood swings. Not limited to chocolates, you can keep your other favourite items as well!

8. Some Money

Money might be sounding confusing over here. But you should keep some amount in your kit. This is important because if you don’t have some essentials, you can quickly buy it. 

On a Final Note

Hearing, just the word “periods” is enough in itself. A gush of thoughts starts rotating in almost every woman's mind. And just to assist you a little bit during this time, you need to have a period care kit. As you now know which of the things can be helpful for you in your periods, you can get them soon from the market and arrange them beforehand. 

Keeping these things in a single bag would help you get any of the required items faster. Apart from this, period cramps are hell. So, we even recommend you go for some PMS relief gummies. You can surely give a try on our “That Time of The Month” gummies to make your period cramps less painful. 

It contains passion flower extract, Chasteberry extract, Milk Thistle extract, Vitamins B6 & C, and Magnesium Sulphate. As a result of such amazing ingredients, you would be able to omit anxiety and irritability and induce restful sleep. Chewing them two during the day can even improve your reproductive health.

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