Tips to Boost Beard Growth & Protect It from Holi Colours

The festival of colours, warmth, and happiness: Holi is around the corner. With the changing season, it is also important to do a small change in your routine. However, while playing holi, the colours and the weather can cause irritation to your beard and your hair. 

The colours used during Holi can also damage your beard, making it brittle, dry, and frizzy. This can even cause disruption in your beard growth. Therefore, to avoid these issues, you need to consider certain tips that can not only protect your beard from toxic colours but also promote facial hair growth. 

Besides this, you can start the consumption of biotin-rich beard gummies that not only helps you maintain your facial hair growth but also stimulate the hair follicles. With this, you can enjoy the festival without compromising the health of your beard.

Start going through the tips so that you can use them before heading to your Holi party…

1. Apply Oil

Apply Beard Oil

Applying oil to your beard as well as on the other parts of your body is a common tradition that has been carried out for centuries. Applying oils such as coconut, mustard, or olive oil, creates a thick shield on your skin against all the dirt and harsh colours. 

This helps in washing away the colours easily. Put some coconut oil in your palms and apply it all over your body including your beard and face. Applying coconut oil also boosts your beard growth. However, you can even choose to apply the beard oil as per your preference. 

2. Make Use of Moisturiser 

There are a lot of people out there who might not want to apply oil before playing Holi. Don’t worry, if you are the same, we have something for you too. So, rather than using oils, you can go for moisturisers or beard creams. Applying them will maintain hydration and protect the hair and skin from damage.  

3. Play with Organic Colours 

Organic Holi Colours

You might have been playing with harsh Holi colours all these years. These would directly be causing obstruction in your beard growth as well as its quality. Thus, it is time for a change. You should start playing with organic colours. These colours not only protect your facial hair but also your skin. Besides this, the colours are also eco-friendly. 

4. Prepare a mix of Beard Oil & Lime Juice

Lemons are enriched with Vitamin C, citric acid, and calcium. Using beard oil makes it easier for the colours to slide away whereas lemon assists in protecting the skin and hair from damage. Start by mixing beard oil with a few teaspoons of lemon juice. Apply this mix to your facial hair after you are done playing with your Holi colours. Let it rest for around 5-10 minutes before washing it off with shampoo and conditioner. 

5. Bathe with Cold Water

Bath with cold water

Cold showers soothe your skin. Therefore, washing your body including your beard helps in removing the colours in a faster way. This would even help you to get rid of any skin irritation caused by the colours. Along with this, you can also use soap that contains either essential oils or activated charcoal for effective results. These soaps would keep your skin moist, washing away all the colours easily. 

In a Nutshell

Holi is a festival that comes with a lot of colours, celebrations, and fun. In case you want to play with colours and do not want to compromise on your beard growth, it is essential that you add up the above-mentioned tips to your holi care routine. 

In addition to this, the consumption of beard gummies can be thought of. Particularly, going for the “Dapper Hair & Beard” gummies can be advantageous. The nutritious ingredients put in these gummies consist of Vitamins, Minerals, Beta-Sitosterol, Biotin, and Fenugreek Seed Extract. Chewing two gummies every day can assist in increasing your facial hair density. Additionally, it would also be beneficial in boosting your beard growth, stimulating the hair follicles, and promoting regrowth. 

Nutrition in a Fun Way!

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