Why Every Day Should Be Women's Day?

International Women's Day is celebrated annually on March 8th to honour women's achievements, raise awareness about gender inequality, and promote women's rights globally. It is a day to acknowledge the contributions of women and their resilience in the face of discrimination, inequality, and oppression. 

Women have been an integral part of society since the beginning of time and have made significant contributions in various fields such as science, technology, education, healthcare, politics, and many more. On this occasion, you might also be presenting the best gift for women's day to your loved one. 

But why should we limit the celebration of women's achievements to just one day? While 8th March is an important day to recognise and celebrate women's achievements, it is essential to remember that women's contributions and struggles should be acknowledged every day, not just on a specific day. 

Celebrating this day every day means recognising and acknowledging the valuable contributions women make to society, raising awareness of the ongoing challenges they face, and working towards gender equality. It is not just a matter of celebrating women's achievements, it is a matter of promoting equal rights and opportunities for women around the world. 

So, here are some of the essential reasons why every day needs to be a women’s day…

1. Women Make Significant Contributions to Society

Women have been an essential part of society since the beginning of time. They have contributed to various fields such as healthcare, education, technology, science, politics, and many more. Women have made groundbreaking discoveries that have shaped history. Women have broken all the restrictions that came between their gender and got their “firsts”. There are so many women such as Mother Teresa, Kalpana Chawla, Kiran Bedi, and so many more, who have got their names inked in Indian history.

Women have also played a vital role in shaping the economy by starting businesses, contributing to the workforce, and becoming entrepreneurs. In many countries, women are the primary caregivers for children and the elderly, which is a significant contribution to society. Every day, women continue to work hard to create a better world for themselves and others.

2. Women Face Discrimination

Despite their significant contributions, women continue to face ongoing discrimination. Women are often paid less than men for doing the same job. The gender pay gap varies from country to country, but on average, women earn 23% less than men globally. Many women are overlooked for leadership roles, and there is a lack of representation in government and corporate leadership positions. 

Women also face gender-based violence and harassment, which can limit their opportunities and make them feel unsafe. This is particularly evident in developing countries where women are more likely to experience gender-based violence. By celebrating Women's Day every day, we can raise awareness of these issues and work towards gender equality.

3. Women’s Achievements are Often Overlooked

Many women's achievements are not recognised or celebrated as much as they should be. Women are underrepresented in history books, and their contributions to science and technology are often overlooked. 

Therefore, by celebrating Women's Day every day, we can ensure that women's accomplishments are recognised and appreciated regularly. This can inspire other women to pursue their dreams and help create a broader society.

4. Women Are Creative Thinkers

Women's voices and perspectives are essential for building a fair society. Women have unique experiences, and their insights can lead to better decision-making and more effective policies. However, many women are hesitant to speak up, fearing backlash or being dismissed. 

Hence, through the celebration of Women's Day every day, we can encourage more women to speak up and share their ideas. This can help create a more diverse society, leading to better solutions and a more equitable world. In recent years, social media has played a significant role in giving women a platform to share their voices and experiences, and it is important to continue to encourage this.

5. Healthy Women Lead to Healthy Families

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Health care is not just limited to physical health. It compromises social well-being and mental health too. While physical health is taken care of at a very low scale, mental health and social well-being do not even come into the frame. As a result of this, women have to undergo so many diseases, especially UTIs, cysts, PCOS, PCOD, and numerous other problems. 

This directly impacts their ovarian health. So, not just one day, this problem needs to be prioritised every day. However, from your side, you can take a step forward and present the best gift for women's day for their ovarian health and give them “That Time of the Month” gummies. Chewing these gummies would give a burst of tasty strawberry flavour in your mouth. It would help her in easing period pain and help relieve cramps.

In Brief

Celebrating Women's Day every day is crucial for promoting gender equality and creating a more inclusive society. Women have made significant contributions to various fields, and their achievements and struggles should be recognised and celebrated regularly. 

By celebrating this Day every day, we can raise awareness of ongoing discrimination, recognise women's accomplishments, and encourage women to speak up and share their ideas. We need to continue to work towards creating a world where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential, regardless of gender. Honouring this every day is a small but important step towards achieving this goal.

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