5 Full-Proof Skincare Steps for Holi To Minimize Damage

Happy Holi, Power Gummies Family!

A fine sunny day with color splashes all around, hair flips, and dance to some hip beats, Holi is definitely India's Coachella (Better if you ask us). While we all are preparing to celebrate Holi with our friends and family; one thing that should be addressed and taken care of is your skin.

Full-Proof Skincare | Jaw Dropping Gummies

Brutally scrubbing and wiping skin to get rid of the color later can leave your skin feeling like a desert. The skin feels bare and damaged after exposure to holi colors UV rays, and after applying oils, skin pores feel clogged. 

We have prepared a checklist that you need to prep your skin before and recover it after Holi. These few measures will leave your skin looking and feeling best despite the Holi smash-bash. 

Double Up the Hydration:

Chilled glasses of “Thandai” are not water, and they do quell your thirst, but they make your skin dry plus prone to damage. To protect your internal layer, ensure drinking at least 8-9 glasses of water, or you can drink electrolyte infused drinks or take your skin supplements that nourish your skin from within.

Use soothing and hydrating masks to protect your external layer and refrain from using oil directly on your skin. Petroleum jelly and Oils are common skin protectors which can clog your pores. You can rather use oil mixed with some other carrier oil, so your skin is benefitted at the same time.

Hydrating masks will clear the dead skin-revive and replenish the outer skin. Before holi, wash your face and apply a hydrating night cream or mask at night. Please refrain from using retinol, glycolic acid, lactic acid, or salicylic acid at least three days before and start using Vitamin c infused products instead because they will provide the nourishment outer skin layer needs. 

Follow a Pre-Holi Skincare Routine: 

To not let the colour seep in, you need to apply a protective layer that consists of nourishing products and are good for your skin. Skincare products that are gentle and effective, such as a generous amount of Virgin Almond oil or cold-pressed oil.

Cold-pressed oil formula is the most promising form of oil you can use as it is in an unprocessed, unrefined state and rarely clogs the pores. Apply a thick layer of sunscreen all over your skin and body to protect it from sun damage.

You can also apply a thick layer of moisturizer 30 minutes before you step out-this allows the skin to penetrate the nourishment. You can apply sunscreen for at least 15-20 minutes and try colours not to touch the bare skin.

Nails are also part of the taken care package, so apply a coat of Vitamin C enriched oil or hydrating cuticle oil. You can apply the night before holi to prep your nails for further damage.

Strengthen Your Skin Barrier Before The Big Day: 

Our skin is delicate-it has a lipid and dead skin outer layer that acts as a barrier against the damage. It would help put extra gujiya-worthy effort to create a barrier that protects your skin from colour.

Use skin repair-barrier cream or restorative cream-even with your regular sunblocks and moisturizers. They help create a barrier for your skin and protect it from any reaction or allergies from the chemical colours. Cover if you have cuts or burns-using a bandage or antiseptic cream. 

Go Organic: 

Holi colors can have a mix of harmful and skin affecting chemicals, and these colors tend to purge the moisture out and make the skin dry. Prefer using organic or natural colors like turmeric, sandalwood paste, or organic gulal-colours in the form of paste or shiny powder can physically hurt the skin or chemical burns (they contain engine oils). They cause skin allergies and dermatitis, which can become a serious concern. 

Post Holi, Follow a 2-Step Regime

Do not rub like it's the last day on earth. We all are guilty of rubbing our skin with too much zeal, making the skin drier and rough. The second step-apply moisturizing cream-do not go bare face out in the sun. It will make your skin more dehydrated and prone to damage. Moisturize with a hydrating cream or apply a hydrating mask to nourish. 

These are a few ways you can provide your skin it needs before and after Holi. We know the struggle of putting too much effort into prepping your skin. It is essential, but we have something that can double the effort-Jaw-Dropping Skin Gummies!

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5 Full-Proof Skincare Steps for Holi To Minimize Damage | Power Gummies