3 Ways to Protect Your Hair From Holi Colour Damage

Apart from dazed weather, March is quite the fiesta month-super whimsical and colourful! It's one of the awaited festivities where you can act like an absolute child.

A fun-filled holiday where we don't need an alarm clock to wake us up, the adrenaline rush to fill our buckets with water balloons is enough to get out and about. In the hype, we miss something that bothers us later when we are out of the colour coma (the long nap after getting drenched)-hair and skin damage.

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It is a sour-after result that even gujiya can't fix. Excessive sun and colour exposure makes your hair and skin suffer. Now, What can you do to reverse the damage and save your hair from getting damaged in the first place? 

We have curated a simple routine to prep your hair and shield it from colour-induced chemicals. Time to enjoy the festival of spring to the fullest! 

Use "Dadi Ma ke Nuske":

Our grannies have a full-fledged solution available in the kitchen for everything. You name it, and you got it kind of a situation. Before you step out, champi your locks with good organic coconut oil, you can add a carrier oil of your choice.

Also, follow a hair care treatment routine, warm your choice of oil-add a few drops of lavender oil or jojoba oil after taking it off the stove. Take a generous amount of oil and massage it thoroughly, or a better way to say it is-soak your hair with that oil. The oil acts as a barrier that makes the colour come out easily and prevents colour deposition in your hair cuticles. 

Deep-Deep Conditioning:

Oils are a great way to protect your hair from colour damage, but if you are not fond of applying oil-like most of us, you can use silicone-based serums or leave-in conditioners. Silicone can protect your hair from harmful chemicals and keep your hair smooth.

It waterproofs your hair, and your strands are covered, plus it gives you a wet hair look. This process does not let the sticky hair colour penetrate your hair, and gentle hair wash can rinse it.

You can also use a deep conditioning mask or a leave-in conditioner before you join the celebrations. Once done protecting your hair, get a spoolie and protect your eyelashes. Take your old mascara or primer brush and dip it in oil. Gently apply it to your lashline and remove excess using a Q-tip. 

Go For a Haircut Pre Holi:

Your hair can easily get damaged, and a great tip that one of our coworkers shared with us is getting a haircut before Holi. Yes, it seems a little weird cause we often delay hair treatments after the celebrations, but in this case, it's better to get rid of split ends pre-holi.

Holi colour tends to stay on your hair & it makes it dry and damaged. Even after washing your hair, it remains the same and, in some cases, results in more damage, hence, more split ends. Get a trim before holi, to minimize the damage, and easier to manage your hair post-Holi. 

How to Take Care of Your Hair Post Holi: 

Follow the Basic Steps:

After the Holi fun, you should first take a long bath. So, firstly wash the colour off with plain water. It will help get rid of excess colour deposited on your tresses. Then, use a mild, sulfate-free shampoo and wash it with lukewarm water.

Be very gentle with your hair and ensure not to rub your hair too much after the wash; use a microfiber towel to put the moisture in. Don't wash your hair too harshly because that can damage your hair cuticles. 

Try to Make It Less Tedious:

If the colour pigments are not organic or natural, it can be tiresome to get rid of them, especially if the pre-prep is not done correctly. You can include a DIY step and skip using shampoos that have harsh chemicals.

Try this hair mask to give the dry scalp some nourishment-Take two tablespoons of yogurt, one ripe-mashed banana, and blend it well. Lather the mask in your scalp, then let it sit for 15-20 minutes, and wash it with a mild shampoo. Do this after getting rid of the colour pigments.

This mask contains all the hydrating ingredients and nourishes your scalp to reverse the damage. It also helps remove greasy hair strands and cleans the coloured post-Holi scalp.

Ensure massaging your way through to revive your scalp-rub your fingers thoroughly to clear any debris left. You can also try scalp detox treatment curated to tug sebum, oil, product build-up, and dirt from the hair. 

Take Your Hair Supplements to Nurture From Within:

Binge-eating gujiya and drinking too many glasses of thandai is a delicious practice we all end up doing in the spirit of Holi festivities. Your body needs nutrients and vitamins to nourish your body. So, eating the right nutrients is crucial to give your hair a chance to restore its health after colour exposure. 

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3 Ways to Protect Your Hair From Holi Colour Damage | Power Gummies