Get Valentine's Ready With These Super Easy Makeup Ideas

Okay, Valentine's day is almost here! There are a gazillion reasons this day makes FOMO a legit thing-February 14 V-day has so many meanings to it and so many ways to celebrate, special thanks to the pandemic. The day, most of us are googling for some makeup/outfit inspirations, and you are here doing the same.

Get Valentine's Ready With These skin care gummies

A romantic date, virtual-meet with your significant other, just another date with your girlfriends, or a self-care day, taking the excitement up a notch is a mandate and is super romantic. Sharing the makeup ideas is not enough-We love you too much, so we thought of starting a conversation that helps you get in sync with the V-day feels. Get ready to feel (and agree) with the romance- start scrolling and find the simple idea you are looking for:

Movie, Popcorns, and Pillow-fights Look for Laidback You:

Some of us are not stereotyped to one day to shower love, fellow commoners are just too busy to step out, so the only thing that cheers us up and gets us in the spirit of Valentine is watching notebook or any other movie (apparently, no other film can match the vibe).

Laugh, cry and then finally console, and for that, a simple look can do the trick. For such instances, keep a minimal base- use a full coverage concealer-the second step is to opt for a beige matte eyeshadow, then use waterproof mascara to complete the eye makeup. Use a glossy-pink lip color to complete the look. Try an easy low bun-leave a few strands out for some flirty mid-movie hair fixes.

Bubbly and Giggly Look When You Are on an Emotional Rollercoaster:

Not everyone is super thrilled by the love is in the air concept. Some of us are overwhelmed with bursting love, cards, flowers, and couples. We all are different, and some things just don't delight us, which is acceptable, but there are days when we want to show some appreciation for ourselves and the significant other, so we keep our thoughts aside and get dolled up.

You can try this look for those days: Matte eyeshadows are an excellent option for a soft and subtle look; use a pink matte eye shadow- blend it well and use a flat brush to apply baby pink glitter. Use a rosy blush and use a nude shade on the lip. There you go, honey!

Nothing Like the Traditionalists (More of a Genz's V-day) Look:

Who are the traditionalists, you ask? People who follow the rules from what to do on the valentines checklist, dress-up-take a reservation to the fanciest restaurants- then try to get back from after being stuck in traffic.

Genz's are always on the verge of trying something extra thrilling, like going on hikes or staying in instead of getting swapped by couples everywhere. You can stay in and still have a lovely-love-filled day. Your inspiration is right here: The most iconic and trending looks you can try are Maddy and cassie's makeup looks from the series euphoria. You can get very creative.

Super Easy Makeup Ideas | jaw dropping gummies

Try one of the fanciest, peacock-inspired eye looks; all you need is teal and sapphire blue stones outlining the eyes. Before outlining the eyes, use a mix of teal and blue eyeshadow on the lids.

Girl Gang on a Heist to Find No Men but Only Have Fun, Look!

The cupid is slightly biased, and the almighty god of love graces not everyone on Valentine, but that should not stop you from enjoying V-day! Celebrate Galantines instead, gather with your deary pals-enjoy a night in or go out for a chill dinner or clubbing.

Enjoy some pre-makeup sesh with your friends, try the glowy makeup look before applying your foundation, use a hydrating serum, and then use highlighter primer for that dewy effect. You can also use bronze pigments on your lids to make this a bold makeup look. Ready for a crazy Valentine(Galantines)!

Trending, Romantic-Pandemic inspired look:

Oh, lord! Pandemic has become this never-ending 90s movie-we are waiting for a climax but ain't getting one. It is an old-school thought that somehow made its way back in modern times- Love has no boundaries; literally, all you need is a stable internet connection and a laptop/phone/tab and get connected with your loved one.

It is not the most romantic setting for a date but works if you are stuck in the pandemic loophole. Even though you can find filters to look put together, getting out of your sweatpants just this once can make it 14% more special. And putting some makeup on will add an extra 14% love-love; this is the first step and an act of love for yourself.

Experiment a little and try a pinky-nude shade lip stain, a brown-winged liner (you create a dramatic 90s wing) or try something extra bold like a pink or red matte lipstick- smokey-glittery eyes using gold pigments.

Not planning your V-day as most people do is okay, and regardless of how you want the day to be, with or without heart-shaped balloons, chocolates, and so many other things, the most crucial thing to remember is that you are doing it with love and only pure love.

Mark the occasion by celebrating with your loved ones and gifting them something they cherish; we have a secret to tell- you can pamper your loved ones with a hamper full of goodness & happiness.

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Get Valentine's Ready With These Super Easy Makeup Ideas | Power Gummies