5 Valentine's Day Hairstyles That Are Pretty and Super Quick to Try

Dressing up for your lovey-dovey (it can be anyone you love)? While still looking for hairstyles that woo them right the second you make the entry! It sounds cheesy, and it is but blame the subconscious that directed you here (in the right direction) because it's okay to be cheesy and exaggerate the way you want to dress up on V-day.

Regardless of how you want to spend the day, dressing up is a must, and hair can really make or break your entire look. You can wear the cutest dress, but it takes even the prettiest look a notch down if your hair is not on point.

 Valentine's Day Hairstyles | Hair growth gummies

You must have already figured out the perfect gift and outfit, so now let us solve the hair situation. You are one step closer to your very own-"I give you this moment" from princess diary.

We did some digging and found some of the cutest hairstyles that are perfect for Valentine's day- These hairstyles are easy-to-do, and you don't need too many tools or be a pro. Just simple twists and turns, and Voila, your sweetheart, skipped a heartbeat! In the name of love, we present you 5 hairstyles that are cutest and perfect for V-day looks:

(Attention: A Special Surprise for You and Your Soulmate Waiting at the End)

Voila! You skipped a beat, I guess

Yes, many people will be awed, and those turnarounds, oh! This hairstyle is inspired by the old-Hollywood glam, where you are the main character with just one hair flip.

You need to get the curler out for this one, get your big curl wand out, make sections and start taking big chunks of hair to curl. To make your curl stay tight for longer, just take a bobby pin and clip the loops together.

Then make the side part; you can use a bobby pin for better parting and take the bobby pins out. Long luscious curls with a side part and big chunky one ear earring and damn! Don't forget to use your favorite hair spray to finish the look.

I am the IT girl!

You can never go wrong with a High ponytail! You will look surreal and enjoy your day without worrying about your hair staying in place. Wash your hair, apply a hydrating serum, and curl the ends for some volume.

Take all of your up and tie as high as you like, then take some bobby pins to fix up the tangles. If you have baby hair, you can use a gel and style your hair by using an edge styler. You can style it using a scrunchie or some studded clips to add that extra glam.

Is that a Sparkling bobby pin or your sparkling eyes?

If you are late, honey, all you need are some chunky-sparkling bobby pins! Plus, try and curl the ends for extra flare. You do not need to do a lot for the prep. Just blow-dry or straighten your hair just like every day.

Take the right-front section of your hair, twist them, and place your bobby pin. You can brain the front section of your hair, tie them using a hair tie and then take your hair back to put the bobby pin.

A cupid is about to fall in love with those braids:

Okay, Cupid is patrolling these days to find the cutest hairstyles of them all, and we guess he picked this hairstyle! Braids can bore you, they might take time, but they make your entire look worth it every time. All you need to do is section off a small portion of hair, and french braid them.

When you start braiding, keep on adding small strands of your hair. Keep on making your braid until you reach the back of your head. Place a bobby pin to place the braids and secure them. Repeat it on the other side. You can add a few clips at the back or a chic bow clip.

All about the glamour and Romance:

If you are stressed and knitch-picky about the look you want to go for, let's simply at least the hairstyle for you. Because elevating the glamour notion is very cutesy and essential for a few of us.

So, try this Braided Top Bun; this is a quick hairstyle that definitely looks like a crown on your head. You need to take all your and tie them in a high ponytail and then braid your hair. Braid until the end, twist the braid into a bun, fix it using some bobby and U-pins, and use a setting spray to fix your baby hair and flyaways for a sleek bun. Wear your statement earring to fix up and make your look even more glamorous.

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5 Valentine's Day Hairstyles That Are Pretty and Super Quick to Try | Power Gummies