Tips on How to Grow Hair Fast & Thicker?

Long, shiny hair is the dream of many. Some might even have long hair but its thinness will make it look dull and dry. Besides having faster hair growth, you also need to grow it thicker. And this can only happen when you try to improve your hair’s health. 

The health of your hair depends on many factors including genetics, stress, age, health conditions, and other environmental factors. Thus, to grow hair fast, you need to look at these factors. In addition to doing so, you also need to follow certain essential tips that would enhance this growth. These tips are beginners friendly and people with any hair type can follow. 

Here are some of the basic yet effective tips that would help you to know how to grow hair faster naturally in a week…

1. Brush Your Hair Regularly

Brush your hair regularly

There are many people who skip brushing their hair daily not knowing that brushing can have a positive effect on your scalp health. You should always comb your hair, especially when you are going to sleep. A brush with boar bristles can be great for your scalp as well as your hair health. Brushing your scalp increases blood circulation which makes it healthy. 

2. Reduce Heat Styling

You might be styling your hair using all those heat-styling tools. It makes your hair look good and attractive but you should always know the damage it does to your hair’s health. Using it regularly increases hair breakage as well as makes it frizzy. However, if it just can’t be avoided for styling your hair, make sure to decrease the temperature and even apply a heat protectant before starting off. 

3. Get Your Hair Trimmed at Frequent Intervals

Trimming is not directly responsible for boosting hair growth. However, doing it at regular intervals can help prevent split ends which would further be helpful in managing hair fall. Excessive split ends would take away all the shine and make your hair look dull. 

4. Add a Hair-Healthy Vitamin to Your Daily Routine 
Gorgeous Hair & Nails Gummies

Vitamins are essential for the thicker and healthier growth of your hair. Supplying these nutrients with supplements can be helpful in hair regrowth too. The Gorgeous Hair & Nails gummies can be beneficial in providing all the required nutrients such as Biotin, Vitamins, Zinc, and Folic acid: there’s everything you need for longer and healthier hair.  

5. Use a Silk Pillow While Sleeping

 Use a Silk Pillow While Sleeping

Your hair’s health also depends on the way you sleep. Those regular pillow covers can create friction between your hair and the cover, which makes your hair frizzy and leads to hair fall. Using silk pillow covers eliminates friction and acts as a hair fall control. It also helps in avoiding tangles. So, when there’s less hair fall, your hair will look thicker. 

6. Follow a Healthy Diet

As you know, diet is very important for your overall well-being and it is also vital when you want your hair’s growth to grow thicker and longer. Foods rich in vitamins and biotin improve this process. You can include foods such as whole grains, seeds, nuts, green vegetables, carrots, and other citrus fruits. Apart from this, drinking enough water throughout the day is also essential. 

In Closing

Thicker and faster hair growth is something that we all want. In order to achieve it, you need to focus on a lot of things. But the basics come first. We hope the above-given tips on how to grow hair would have solved all your confusion and would also have given proper directions to follow the same. Additionally, we have explained how nutrients help in your hair’s growth. 

Thus, we recommended trying out our Gorgeous Hair & Nails gummies. These gummies are enriched with nutrients such as Biotin, Folic Acid, Vitamins A to E, and Zinc. This composition promotes hair regrowth, and thicker, shinier hair, as well as provides hair fall control. Furthermore, chewing two gummies improves your scalp health, making your hair grow longer and at a boosted rate.

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