Manage Your Long Lustrous Locks Like A Pro!

Are you being referred to as your group's Rapunzel? Do you get cautions from your pals that if you get a haircut that's too short, you'll be disowned?

Do your stylists stare at you with practically welled-up eyes when you go to the salon for a haircut, pushing you to keep your hair length?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, we can safely assume that you are Rapunzel in your group and are dealing with long hair issues!

Long hair is attractive, but it is difficult to manage. Not to mention the issues that both men and women with long tresses encounter! If you're having hair problems, you're probably doing a few things incorrectly.

While we address those and provide tangible solutions, let us lighten your mood by presenting you with amusing everyday problems faced by persons with long hair!

1. Conditioner supply runs out faster than shampoo.

For every dollop of shampoo you put on your scalp, you'll need two or three times that amount of conditioner on your lengthy mid-lengths and ends, as long-haired gals know.

It's aggravating when your conditioner wears out faster than your shampoo.

The Solution: Use a conditioner that is more concentrated so you don't have to use as much product. Without having to use a palmful of product every time, a deep conditioner will help nurture your ends.

2. And it is a hindrance to everything.

When your hair reaches a certain length, it will get tangled in your clothes, dip into whatever you're eating by accident, fly into your friend’s mouth on a windy day, and so on. You are well aware of how true this is!

The Solution: Isn't it obvious? Make a knot!! We can't imagine leaving the house without a slew of rubber bands and clips at our disposal.

Long hair is a magnificent natural wonder, but you can't always have it floating loose. Use a straightening serum to help it behave and keep in place on days when you absolutely must leave it free.

3. Your hair is all over the place!

Hair strands are dangling everywhere, from your workplace chair to your clothing. It's as if your hair is trailing behind you!

The Solution: As previously said, your pillow produces friction, which leads to breakage. Another incentive to switch to silk or satin is to avoid wrinkles.

Furthermore, you should not sleep with your hair free because tossing and turning all night may result in further damage and hair loss. Before going to bed, pull your hair back into a loose braid or top knot.

Furthermore, avoiding letting your hair down when sleeping reduces knots, so it's a win-win situation.

4. So many tangles!

You have knotted hair all the time! It appears to get twisted up every minute no matter how much you comb and brush it.

The Solution: All that rubbing against your pillow simply adds to the tangles. To avoid waking up to a tangled mess, it's time you switched to a silk pillowcase.

Also, avoid ripping your hairbrush through your mane; if you hear a cracking sound, your hair is breaking, STOP! Instead, detangle with your fingers.

5. Long hair might appear flat and boring.

Your hair can look like a blanket if you don't have any layers, and the length can weigh it down and make it look flat.

The Solution: Make an appointment with your stylist to get stunning layered hair. You can have layers of any length – short or long – without sacrificing your hair's total length.

They will undoubtedly give your hair a lot of shape and bounce. 

6. It Takes A Long Time For Hair To Dry.

Long hair takes a long time to dry. If you washed your hair in the morning, there's a good possibility it's still moist by midday.

The Solution: Wash your hair the night before to get messy, beachy waves the next morning. If you don't like sleeping with wet hair, simply turn on the cold air setting on your blow dryer and brush through it with your fingers while blasting the air on it for a few minutes.

It will hasten the drying process, give you smoother strands, and eliminate the risk of heat damage.

We know these are just a few of the problems you face as a girl with long hair, yet we can help you deal with a few!

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