GenZ Are More Open About Menstruation Than Any Other Generation So Far!

A period occurs when a woman's vagina bleeds for a few days throughout her menstrual cycle.

Most women's periods last about 28 days, although it's usual for them to go longer or shorter, ranging from day 21 to day 40 of their menstrual cycle.

But are we vocal enough to talk about this natural phenomenon a woman goes through?

Well, the answer is YES!

Gone are the days of Shh.. and whispers. The new generation be it boys or girls aren’t only open to talking about it but also come up with solutions for PMS symptoms and actively take part in breaking the stigmas related to periods. 

According to new research, Gen Zers are more open than other generations when it comes to discussing periods. 

When it comes to reproductive health, millennials and Gen Zers are entirely changing the mentality and dialogue, with Gen Z being the most outward.

Despite the fact that menstruation shame still exists, it hasn't stopped these generations from discussing periods freely with people of both genders.

In fact, young women do not perceive periods to be purely a female issue, with Gen Zers being more inclined than millennials to believe men should be included in period discussions.

Menstruation is not only a female issue, according to a survey 83% of Gen Z women. They say it should be discussed and discussed with men as well. Similarly, 72% of millennial women said they felt the same way.

In fact, young women are no longer embarrassed about their periods, with Gen Z women being the least likely to experience shame about their periods.

From a generational standpoint, Gen Zers are the most at ease. In comparison to millennials, over half of Gen Zers have no problem discussing menstruation with anyone.

More Gen Zers than millennials have been adversely criticized for their period, however, most female Gen Zers do not consider their periods are something to be ashamed of.

And, according to a  report, 86 percent of Gen Zers no longer regard menstruation to be a "taboo" topic.

Men and women have quite diverse perspectives about menstruation, according to both millennials and Gen Zers.

And, of those who have been adversely criticized for their period, the majority of Gen Zers have received that judgment from a male friend, indicating that the period topic has the potential to help young boys modify their beliefs today.

While young women are driving a new movement of reproductive health empowerment, they are also admitting that empowerment does not imply that you must love your period! In fact, the findings demonstrate that it's fine if you don't.

Finally, Gen Zers and millennials are looking for newer solutions to period, health, and environmental issues than earlier generations.

In fact, cost savings, waste reduction and comfort are the top three reasons both generations would pick a reusable product like a menstrual cup.

So, considering that the GenZ and millennials are educated and aware enough to discuss the so-called “taboo” topics, our future looks brighter. More like a problem-solving generation than a problem-creating one!

GenZ Are More Open About Menstruation Than Any Other Generation So Far! | Power Gummies