Power Gummies Introduces Shraddha Kapoor As The Face of Goregous Hair & Nails

Roaring ahead in the hymn of success, Power Gummies has found their ‘Power Girl’

She is sassy, bubbly, floaty, energetic, charismatic and diva in her true virtue.

The none other than Shraddha Kapoor, the famous Bollywood celebrity who can spread magic with just her contagious smile.

Perfectly putting the base to our brand philosophy of “Health Powered by Happiness & Backed By Science”.

We are set to revolutionise the concept of being healthy with just 2 gummies a day. This ever-gorgeous beauty has been roped in as the face of our Gorgeous Hair & Nails Vitamins.

Having Shraddha Kapoor on board with us will let us come out and bring forth our vision to the millennial generation.

The beauty herself complements the brand’s values and ethos and shines a spotlight on the concept of ‘Happy Hair Everyday’.

Shraddha Kapoor's Candid Conversation With Mr. Divij Bajaj

Shraddha Kapoor cannot stop spilling beans through her candid conversation with Mr. Divij Bajaj, Founder & CEO of Power Gummies, about how and why she feels so excited being associated with the complete concept of nutritional vitamin gummies by Power Gummies. 

The actor advocates how Power Gummies with her own experience and how it solves two problems for her and we were blown.

We are awestruck by how she beautifully explained her journey with the gummies through the candid talk.

How Shraddha Kapoor’s picture-perfect look over the screen with luscious long hair, flawless skin and just elegantly manicured nails has a back story with too many efforts over the ‘right nutrition’.

This versatile actor leaves no stone unturned when it comes to eating right yet she cutely explains that every character has different demands for styling and as an actor, she is in a constant battle to maintain her hair health, which is a must for her.

Eating right yet in some outdoor locations, it is not possible to have her kind of meals and she wouldn’t want to miss her dose of everyday nutrition.

Therein, the magic of Power Gummies was introduced in her life by Mr. Divij Bajaj, as something as easy as chewing a gummy was enough for her hair nutrition and nail health as well.

Shraddha cannot stop drooling about the gummies mentioned, “Power Gummies for my hair health is just an amazing idea, especially when I can just take 2 gummies a day for my daily nutritional intake.

I always wanted some easy resort to solve it for me. Power Gummies are just mind-blowing and totally, hard to resist”.

Swaying over in love with these rabbit shaped vitamin gummies for a merrier fact which Shraddha Kapoor has been advocating for years is Power Gummies are vegan, gluten and gelatine free.

Shraddha's Love For Vegan Vitamins Gummies

Through her candid talks, she tells how she loves being a vegetarian through the month and always keeps a ‘vegan week’ every month.

The dazzling beauty has been awarded as the hottest vegetarian by PETA India. One can understand her love for vegetarian food and how she keeps giving glimpses of her delicious vegetarian meals on Instagram. And she has always openly spoken about protecting animals.

Hence, our consciously crafted vegan gummies became another reason for her to fall hard to never stop loving us.

Shraddha's Take on Gummies For Millennials Lifestyle

Power gummies are delightful, full of love and give you nostalgia taking away the complete boredom and fear of daily capsule vitamins which are boring.

She binges on the gummies and tells how Power Gummies curates tasty health products backed by science, empowering with complete nutrition and fitting into millennial lifestyles effortlessly without any fear and complexities of existing pill solutions is an exceptional idea.

Product efficacy speaking volumes with her own experience and proven study backed by science, Shraddha Kapoor elaborates, “Also, it is the only gummy brand in India with proven results and clinical trials with -

# 65% decrease in hair fall

# 22% increase in hair growth

# 10% improvement in nail growth, and

# 35% decrease in hair loss on Day 90.

With the impeccable amalgamation of Biotin, Vitamin A to E, Zinc and Folic acid working together towards brilliance, bringing in the hair power everyone deserves.

Be their version of ‘perfect’. Being fit and healthy should be the most prime factor for customers in today’s time.

I feel my best when I am healthy and that makes me excited to be on board with Power Gummies and look forward to how gummies change it for you all and become a part of everyone's lifestyle just like me”.

We as a brand believe that happiness is the foundation of good health, and it remains a robust inspiration behind us consciously formulating high-performing gummies.

There could be no one better than Shraddha to be introduced as Power Gummies ‘Power Girl’.

A total powerhouse of talent and a seamless fit as an individual who fits with our brand ethos and knits a perfect horizon and panache for our brand.


Shraddha Kapoor personifies the key prepositions of changing trends of beauty, health & fitness. We are ready to thrill the gen-next customers together with Shraddha. 

Through this association, we aim to help a wider range of people to move towards preventive care and nutrition for the health of their hair and nails. 

The connection between Power Gummies and Shraddha Kapoor kept growing in folds when she found out the product worked for her. Advocating about something, you have felt personal adds on an emotional intent towards and we’re proud of evolving this love. 

Power Gummies Introduces Shraddha Kapoor As The Face of Goregous Hair & Nails | Power Gummies