5 Effective Tips for Attaining Sound Sleep

A good, stress-free, and energetic day is all a person wants. But to attain this goal it is vital to take a peaceful sleep at night of at least 7-8 hours. This sound sleep can only be fulfilled when your mind and body have negligible tension. From work to home to personal life, multiple types of thoughts keep rotating in our minds. These thoughts are further responsible for all the stress and anxiety that forms a bubble in our minds. Due to this, you may have difficulty sleeping. As a result, your next day might go in vain because of all the tiredness and tension of the previous day. 

If this disturbed sleep cycle continues for a longer period, you may also have to undergo certain sleep disorders such as insomnia, narcolepsy, or sleep apnea. As noticed, people taking poor sleep can have a negative impact on their brain’s functioning and even have to undergo weight gain issues. Along with this, the risk of having a disease may also be higher than those taking proper sleep. 

Worry not…we have the perfect solution that your body requires right now!!! Try some melatonin gummies along with some of the tips we will be sharing below:

1. Minimise the Blue Light Exposure at Night

Exposing ourselves to the blue light at night makes our brain think that it's still daytime. Due to this, the body’s circadian rhythm gets imbalanced. As an outcome, hormones such as melatonin that help you sleep and get relaxed are reduced. The blue light that is emitted from smartphones and other electronic devices is considered the worst in disrupting your sleep. Therefore, to promote sound sleep, you need to switch off the blue lights and instead turn on the warm lights. Along with this, it is advisable to turn off your television and keep your phones aside 2 hours before you go to sleep. 

2. Take a Bath

Bathing is very important to keep your body clean. However, taking a bath at night is more effective when it comes to sleeping peacefully. It has been noticed that a hot bath 90 minutes prior to sleep can enhance sleep quality and also allow you to sleep deeper. An alternate solution to the bathing tip is also there. In case you are not able to take a proper warm water bath, you can simply bathe your feet under warm water. This would also help you sleep calmly. 

3. Consider Intaking Supplements Containing Melatonin

Finding it difficult to sleep? Then take a chance on consuming some supplements that have melatonin. This hormone regulates the day and night cycle of the body and conveys when to sleep and wake up. The melatonin-rich supplements are commonly used by people in order to be able to fall asleep quickly. Nevertheless, you can try out some melatonin gummies that can fulfill your body’s requirements for attaining a peaceful sleep. 

4. Increase your Exposure to Bright Light During the Day

As our body follows the circadian rhythm that acts as a time clock and directs the brain when it has to stay awake or sleep. Thus, exposing yourself to bright light sends indications to your brain that it is daytime. Due to this, our body starts utilizing all of its energy to perform multiple tasks.

Similarly, at night when the exposure reduces, it sends signals to the brain that it's time to sleep. Therefore, when you are exposed to bright light during the day and use up all the energy, your body falls asleep faster at night to fuel up the energy requirement. 

5. Avoid Drinking Coffee or other Caffeinated Products 

Caffeine is one of the stimulants that can cause your biological clock to be delayed. Due to this, you may find it hard to be asleep. The most common form of caffeine that most people intake is coffee. It has even been observed that drinking coffee 4-6 hours before your bedtime can disrupt your sleep. Therefore, it has been suggested that drinking caffeinated products should be avoided later in the day to make yourself sleep faster. 


We hope that the above-highlighted tips would now help you in getting the sound and stress-free sleep that you require. Including these small habits would start showing a significant result within some time. Furthermore, you can add up some "Blessful Sleep gummiesto your regular routine as well. These yummy gummies by “Power Gummies” are filled with Vitamin B6, Melatonin, and Passiflora Extract and have a non-habit forming formula that makes it the best for people having issues sleeping. 

Vitamin B6 present in these gummies prepares the mind for a comfortable night and a productive day whereas Passiflora extract calms the mind and protects the skin from ageing. The superb combination of these three ingredients would eventually aid your body in improving its sleep. You have to chew just 2 of these delicious passion fruit-flavoured sleep gummies before making your way to the bed.

Ciao! Have a peaceful sleep now!!!

5 Effective Tips for Attaining Sound Sleep | Power Gummies