5 Habits You Need To Avoid to Get Long & Shiny Hair

Who doesn’t want to have long, lustrous, and voluminous hair? Everyone… of course… pretty hair makes us feel confident...right?? But to attain this, it is even more important to concentrate on the small things that we do while taking care of our hair. Having followed some of the habits for a long time, you may not be aware that they might be causing harm to your hair. As everyone has a different hair type, there are some common habits that one should take care of when dreaming of perfect hair. 

Every habit of ours from eating to combing to washing has a direct link to our hair quality. Once we feel that our hair quality has started deteriorating, we tend to buy numerous hair care products such as shampoo, conditioners, hair oil, serums, hair masks, and many more. However, these products may not always be very effective for your hair. They may sometimes make your hair fall more by thinning the strands. Additionally, you can even consume some biotin gummies that can make your hair stronger and healthier from its roots.

Never mind…You can get back your healthy hair by making some small changes to the habits that you were following…Come on then and know some of these habits that should be changed right now!!!!

  1. Styling Using Heated Tools

You may like styling your hair in multiple ways. However, the electronic straighteners and curling irons that you use can make your hair brittle. This can produce split ends which can eventually be prone to breakage. The excess heat coming out from the styling tools can also make your hair frizzy and weaker. 

Don’t worry peeps! You can still utilize them to style your hair but make sure that you apply some heat protectant products before using the tools. Also, it is suggested to limit their use to maintain healthy hair.

  1. Sleeping While Having Wet Hair

When your hair is damp, it is at its weakest. Thus, sleeping with wet hair causes it to break and finally fall out. Apart from this, when you put your damp hair on the pillow, the head area converts into a breeding place for viruses and fungi. The big risk is hair breaking during turning and tossing while sleeping. Therefore, you need to take care that you wash your hair during the daytime so that the chances of sleeping with wet hair are reduced. 

  1. Tying Your Hair Tightly 

Making a ponytail and then leaving your hair free might be very relaxing for most of us. But tightening them up tightly might not be relaxing. Even if you make other hairstyles where your hair has been tied tightly, tension can be formed on your hair strands causing them to break. Such a condition may sometimes lead to a hair loss situation known as traction alopecia. Hence, to avoid it you can tie your hair a little loose to let it be free. 

  1. Unbalanced Nutrition

As hair is also a part of the body, you need to keep it healthy by eating adequate nutrients. Not consuming them properly can make your strands thinner and weaker. Eating meals enriched with micronutrients such as proteins, iron, zinc, vitamin B7 (biotin), and vitamin B12 hydrate the scalp, improves hair structure, and stimulates growth, resulting in glossy and healthier hair. These nutrients further aid in the growth of hair follicles and make them stronger. You can also add up some hair gummies to your daily diet that can fulfill your nutrient requirement.

  1. Not At All Washing Your Hair or Washing it More Than Enough

Our environment is full of pollution and dirt. Hence, when you do not wash your hair for a long time, dust, oil, and dirt can form a layer over your scalp leading to the blockage of the pores. As a result of this, your hair can become rough, and its overall growth might also be halted. On the other hand, overwashing your hair clears off all the essential oil present in the scalp area. Thus, it is necessary that you keep washing your hair at regular intervals, not enough, not never. 


Once you commence changing the hair care habits that have been mentioned above, a significant improvement in your hair quality can be noticed. Your hair would become shinier, voluminous, and healthier. Don’t forget to give proper focus on your regular routine and include food rich in biotin, zinc, and other nutrients. Nevertheless, you can chew some tasty hair gummies enriched with all the needed ingredients for making your hair look glossy. Two mixed berries flavoured gummies before your may to bed can aid you in turning your hair healthy. Apart from this, the ingredients present in these small little treats can assist in improving your nails too!!! Two benefits in two cute gummies is all you need.

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