5 Ways to Wash Your Hair to Clear Build-Up and Dandruff

Wondering why your scalp is itchy and you see white flakes on the shoulder. It can happen because of under-washing the hair or not taking care of it. Underwashing is something we often end up doing because of a busy lifestyle which develops the root cause of everything-Scalp Build-up.

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It induces a couple of issues, including dandruff, which none of us are fond of. Sometimes it is because of hygiene issues: other times, it can be because of a mixture of genetics, allergies and sensitivities, and an imbalance of skin microbes. We are here to simplify the process and incorporate steps to minimize the build-up.

What Causes Scalp Build-Up?

Scalp build-up has become an issue for many people, and it gets segregated into two types. The Two types of scalp build-up are natural and product buildup:

(1). Natural Build up happens when dead skin, dirt, and sebum pile up on your scalp: it is mostly caused if you go without washes for a consistent amount of time. 

(2). Product Build-up is primarily induced when product residue is left on your scalp which causes sticky flakes to be produced on your scalp. This build-up nuisance amplifies scalp inflammation, resulting in flakes, itching, occasional tenderness, or pain. Such build-up, dirt, and oil around the hair follicles suffocate your hair root gradually plus provoke inflammation.

Does Scalp Build-up Cause Hair Loss?

The primitive origin of your hair growth is hair follicles, and they get suffocated caused by the build-up. Build-up can induce too much inflammation, which is another reason for hair growth and leads to hair fall. It hampers your overall hair strength and quality, plus pulls your hair down. 

Here Are a Few Hard and Fast Steps That Will Help to Clear Build-up Plus Improve the Quality of Your Scalp:

#. Rinse Your Hair Using the Right Tools:

Hair washing tools are often overlooked and not considered a necessity, but on the other hand, scalp massagers are a great way to treat your scalp and get rid of your pesky hair build-up. It gives your hair some ease and comfort to get naturally cleaned.

It helps pull out excess oil and ensures your hair absorbs the nourishing hair products you are using. It feels like a full-on scalp massage that not only clears the build-up-this will be an utmost indulging spa therapy: a great way to relax and replenish. 

#. Wash Your Hair With Clarifying Shampoo:

Scrolling through the sulfate-free aisle and buying one is not always a solution to keep the scalp health in check. It also depends on whether you are washing your hair right or not. You need to rinse your hair in a way that lifts all your gunk out of the scalp.

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To keep up, you can get a clarifying shampoo, which you can use to scrape off excess oil and clear the dirt thoroughly. Keep up with rotation and supersede with the alternative of sulfate-free shampoo-choose a clarifying shampoo instead, use it periodically.

It would help if you didn't use a clarifying shampoo regularly. Clarifying shampoos have a composition that can strip off the natural oils-cause brittleness, breakage, and even an irritated scalp.

#. Choose Not to Wash Your Hair Daily:

If you end up washing your hair day-to-day or are mostly confused about whether or when you should wash your hair, you should know that there is no clear answer to that. How often you should be washing your hair depends on your scalp condition and what kind of treatment your hair needs.

It differs from scalp to scalp and person to person. The most denoting signs are dry flakes, greasiness, and accumulated dirt. It is said that you can wash your hair at least 3 to 4 times a week. You can schedule it according to a biweekly basis and when you have used many hair products.

#. Use a Scalp Scrub to Clear the Dirt:

Grime causes considerable problems for your scalp-it is essential to clear away the toxins & debris from the scalp, something that can be done using scalp scrubs.

Occasionally, you can mix some natural exfoliators and gently clean your scalp. Your scalp can get irritated, too, and strips of excessive natural oils like the skin. Use scalp scrubs monthly, and gently work your way through-massage using your finger in a circular motion.

It can be an additional step in your routine that gives your hair a new treatment. It helps reduce further build-up, exfoliates your hair thoroughly, and pushes enzymes to dissolve dead skin cells and lift debris. 

#. Keep Your Hair Tangle-free:

One hundred times, brushing your hair is not a myth-its the fact that one should include it in their hair care routine. Simply brushing your hair keeps your scalp significantly clean; detangled hair makes your hair look healthy and clears the build-up. Residue can cling to your knots and make it a build-up problem. Use a clean silicone comb to clear the scalp and detangle the hair. 

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