Power Hair Care: 5 Ways To Heal Dry And Itchy Scalp

Winter comes with several nuisances, the nights are shorter, and the constant feeling of snuggling in our beds. On top of that, irritatingly dry scalp and frizzy hair are such a letdown because of the frigid air.

Your scalp needs natural oils to lubricate, and not enough oil production can cause irritation, itching, flaking, and makes your hair look dry. Not just dry air but also shampooing too much and other skin conditions like eczema can make your scalp dry. You can consider certain ways to get relief from such hair issues.

5 ways you can reverse dry and itchy scalp condition plus scalp gets rejuvenated - PowerGummies

We have 5 ways you can reverse dry and itchy scalp condition plus scalp gets rejuvenated:  

1. Massage your scalp: Scalp massages are quite relaxing, and you can do it without or with hair oil. Before you jump into the shower, brush your dry hair thoroughly to increase blood circulation and clear any buildup or impurities. Plus, this makes your shampoo work swiftly. 

2. Detoxify your hair with natural products: Buildup or impurity can cause dry and flaky scalp plus can worsen dandruff. Try using products that detoxify your hair and clear the buildup. You can use mild detoxifying shampoos or masks that help clear dandruff and provide nourishment. 

3. Use nourishing oil: During wintertime, washing your hair often can stripe off the hair and makes your hair dry. You can hydrate your hair with nourishing oils and provide the needed nutrients that make your hair healthy again. You can leave it all day or for a few hours to replenish your scalp.

4. Make your DIY mask: Masks are a great way to provide nourishment for dry and flaky scalp. You can curate the perfect mask in your kitchen using pantry items. Ingredients like coconut oils, aloe vera, and cider can calm the irritation and minimize flakes. These ingredients also have soothing and antimicrobial properties to nourish your scalp every time you use them. 

5. Apply hair serum: If you think serums are hyped then, we would like to tell you that they are hyped for the right reasons. Hair serums are the most nourishing way to revive your scalp and cleanse the buildup. Using serums is a scalp treatment that comes in multiple different oils, and you curate one at home using tea tree oil because of its antibacterial properties. 

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# Zinc: It regulates hormones, aids protein synthesis, and helps in absorbing nutrients, making it a vital nutrient for gorgeous hair and nails.

# Vitamin A to E: Stimulates hair and nails, reduces breakage, nourishes the scalp, and boosts metabolism.

These gummies are super beneficial for hair fall, strengthen hair roots. It also helps with hair and nail growth.

Power Hair Care: 5 Ways To Heal Dry And Itchy Scalp | Power Gummies