Power Hair Care: 5 Ways Wheat Protein Can Nourish Your Hair

Styling your hair has its joys, and who wouldn't like dolled-up hair with a perfect outfit. But with trendy hairstyles, you have to deal with hair damage. There are many other causes like bleaching, friction, chemical treatment, and crucial hydration.

Your hair needs extra care and strength to restore to get back to its magnificent self. The crowd-pleasing ingredient available in most strengthening shampoos and conditioners is Wheat protein!

Let's start by understanding, What wheat protein is?

Wheat protein gets derived from wheat germs, like from gluten or glutamine. Gluten proteins are gliadin and glutenin, which is a group of water-insoluble proteins. It is used for growth and tissue building by the new plant growing in the seeds of the wheat plant.

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Wheat protein is most efficient if broken down into smaller proteins, known as hydrolyzed wheat protein. It comes under the non-animal protein type, helps hydrate, strengthens the hair, and performs by sealing in moisture. Hairstyling, using heat, bleaching, and chemical usage harms the disulfide bond, and the Wheat proteins have a high amount of disulfide bonds, and using wheat protein can help connect the broken bonds on the hair surface.

Here Are Five Reasons You Should Be Looking for Wheat Protein in Your Hair Products :

Repairs Hair Damage: Our hair has a high volume of disulfide bonds, but they get damaged because of UV rays, bleaching, using heat tools, and hair dyes. Wheat protein can help patch these broken bonds and repair the damaged hair.

Hydrates the Hair Shaft: Hydrolyzed wheat protein goes through the hair cuticle and replenishes, plus hydrates the dry hair shaft. It locks the moisture in, and using conditioners can help with maximizing hydration.

Stop Hair Breakage: The most common reason for hair breakage is due to two reasons mainly, dryness and weakness. Wheat protein provides hydration and repairs the weakened bonds of the hair. It increases hair elasticity and minimizes breakage. 

Boosts Shine: Wheat protein nourishes hair with lubricity to shield hair from styling damage while giving the tresses a glossy appearance.

Improves Hair Quality: Wheat protein also helps retain moisture in the hair, plus making them hydrated, shiny, and strong. It helps prevent hair breakage/loss and promotes the overall appearance.

You know what else can nourish your hair and provide the vitamins needed, power Gummies Hair and Nails Vitamins!

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Power gummies Hair & Nails Vitamin Gummies are vegan, filled with vital nutrients, minerals, and loads of love packed in a bottle for you!

These Hair & Nails Vitamins have the key ingredients essential for healthy hair and strong nails.

# Biotin:It helps with increasing the keratin infrastructure, leading to healthy hair and maximizing nail and hair growth.

# Zinc: It regulates hormones, aids protein synthesis, and helps in absorbing nutrients, making it a vital nutrient for gorgeous hair and nails.

# Vitamin A to E: Stimulates hair and nails, reduces breakage, nourishes the scalp, and boosts metabolism.

Power Hair Care: 5 Ways Wheat Protein Can Nourish Your Hair | Power Gummies