4 Ways to Remember Taking Your Hair Vitamins

Pillboxes, water bottles attached with pillboxes, danish cookie boxes (biggest scam on earth), or old gum cases are not enough to keep track of whether you took your hair vitamins or not.

Our social millennia is gifted (Flooded) with new apps every day to accompany us with our daily wellness routines. We used to say new is fun, not really! We are stuck with old addictive gold such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or reality (Should be).

One notification away from asking what I am supposed to be doing! Did I forget something again? Coming back to the real world, We have taken the responsibility to keep reminding you of ways to take your hair vitamins.

1. Switch Instagram with Reminders!

Instagram is quite addictive (ask screen time on your phone), with new engaging content every second, it is hard to keep your eyes off it. Only if there is a way, we could use it as a reminder? (Serious face).

Instagram has too many posts with #goodhairday, and we come across these very often. So whenever you see a good hair day post, Take your Vitamin right away!

Switch Instagram with Reminders! - PowerGummies

2. Facebook is your replacement for your old journals! (please write something beyond the first page)

According to a recent study by young people (Not backed by science, we are!)

-Facebook is for parents, grandparents, or if you are interested in buying something, you magically start seeing ads for it! So, whenever you come across an advertisement for power gummies or models with impeccable hair, pick on

Facebook is your replacement - PowerGummies

3. Twitter is your favorite aunty (not really) reminding you how dry your hair is!

Twitter feuds or constant random bickering can help! Who knew! Imagine a fight for real (Please imagine), and somebody runs their finger through your hair - would you like them to go through smoothly or get stuck? If the answer is Yes!, do we need to say anything anymore?

reminding you how dry your hair is!-PowerGummies

4. Let's come back to reality after the battery is low!

Once you have kept your phone down, run your fingers through your hair you feel they need some help! Even after following your healthy fitness routine, nothing seems to be working? Then incorporate your vitamins into your diet. Take two power gummies a day and see the difference within 90 days!!!

Let's come back to reality after the battery is low! - PowerGummies

Power gummies Hair & Nails Vitamin Gummies are vegan, filled with essential nutrients, minerals, and loads of love packed in a bottle for you! We hope you get your desired hair quality and start your day with loads of positivity!

4 Ways to Remember Taking Your Hair Vitamins | Power Gummies