Power Over Periods: 5 Basic Questions That You Need Answers About Your Period

As human beings, our primary function is to ask questions, especially related to our bodies! Why did this happen or, oh! I have muscle here, huh? Another question we usually ask is about periods!

We know that you still have so many enigmas related to your periods! It is more consequential when they are left unanswered, but your curiosity has brought you to the right place!

We have accumulated five questions that you or a little someone needs answers to and get through with the not-so-easy time of the month. 

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Question no. 1: What is Menstruation, and why is it called that? 

The monthly cycle helps your body to get ready for pregnancy. This process is where the ovaries release an egg if they do not fertilize, and then the lining of the uterus sheds through the vagina.

This entire process is called Menstruation. If you are not pregnant, you are supposed to get your periods. Estrogen and progesterone are the two hormones that are the primary controllers of the periods.

Did you know why your periods are called the Menstrual cycle? It is because it got derived from the Latin word menses, which translates to month so, that is why monthly cycle. 

Question no. 2: Does your Premenstrual syndrome AKA PMS exist?

Okay! PMS is most definitely real. The number of struggles and mood changes a woman has to go through with Premenstrual symptoms is insuperable. Several studies have shown that women face multiple hormonal changes that make them sensitive to daily phenomena.

These sudden hormonal changes make them more prone to symptoms like sudden sadness, increased irritability, and some seem to experience depression. PMS cases are passed down to most women genetically and others due to lifestyle changes or health issues. 

Question no. 3: Why do I become a poop machine during my periods? 

We know periods are the trouble that no one wants to deal with but, do you know what is worse? Excessive Pooping! That sudden urge to rush to the bathroom to take a dump!

Girl, that is common so, no need to be embarrassed. During the period cycle, your bowel movements get regulated, and it is easy for your stool to get cleared.

Prostaglandins help the body to release excess poop and help the muscles relax for an easy pass. Prostaglandins are essential during baby delivery.

Question no. 4: How much blood do women lose during a period? 

We all have been curious about this one! Most women lose 1/4 cup of blood during the week of their menses. This fluid loss might seem a lot but, the body produces the same within the time. 

Question no. 5: Why do periods feel unusual every time? or different for everyone? 

It might seem that all women have similar period patterns but that is not correct! The period cycle for each woman is more distinctive than you think.

Some go through the menses week without a bug and the rest may have an awful, heavy flow and PMS symptoms which are unbearable.

So, whenever you come across someone who is going through a difficult time during their periods! Then don't forget to give her a pat on the back and That Time Of The Month gummies.

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That Time Of The Month gummies got curated for every woman keeping their daily toils in mind. To ensure and give them a chance to go through their periods without any struggles.

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