9 Fall Nail Designs To Get You Ready For The Holiday Season

Time to set your frequency to the holiday spirit tune as the merry season just started. The feeling to snuggle in your pretty blanket, drink cocoa with marshmallows, and wear not so ugly sweater for fall that says we are falling for the merry season!

We know Diwali feels are still there, and in continuation to that will can start the sparkle season of Christmas and new year. And with Thanksgiving coming soon, we can start with the prep starting with Manicured' Automne! Autumn Nail arts are a reminder for you to feel the winter and celebratory vibe in the air. 

And to get you started with the holiday spirit, we have found inspiration to get down to your favorite nail designs to bedazzle your nails. Below are the 9 of our favorite nail designs that can subtly add glamour to your nails for perfect fall touches for your social: 

1. Frosty winter: It is getting chilly out here! And with these frost-inspired nails, you can add the right amount of color and shimmer to your nails.

Frosty winter - PowerGummies

    2. Stringy string lights: Lights on your nails, why not! Start with your holiday decoration with your nails. 

    Stringy string lights - PowerGummies

    3. Modish marbles: Marbles on nails, oh yes! If you love collecting marbles, crystals channel your inner holiday goddess.

    Modish marbles - PowerGummies

      4. Glossy Crystals: This one is apt if you want to add glam to your nails. Ask your nail stylist to add crystals at the tip of your nails to add the right amount of glitter. 

      Glossy Crystals - PowerGummies

      5. Fall swirls: Shades of brown to add the perfect fall vibes. It becomes more wearable, and you can pair them with your fall trench coats too. These are super chic too.

      Fall swirls - PowerGummies

      6. Candy Cane: Minty candy on your nails to remind you that the holiday season is just around the corner. You can add the candy design with minimal colors to make it appealing, and it will go with all your outfits. 

      Candy Cane - PowerGummies

      7. Slightly grinchy: If you are feeling a little low, your grinch-inspired nails are a reminder that even he found a reason to smile. You will cherish every minute of it!

      Slightly grinchy - PowerGummies

      8. Pearly falls: The fall without pearls is incomplete, so get your nails dazzled with pearly nail art like this and channel your inner tiffany. 

      Pearly falls - PowerGummies

      9. Frosted snowflake: Another mani that helps you tune in to a magical snowy feel. Ombre nails go with your party outfit and give you a clean canvas to add more glitter. 

      Frosted snowflake - PowerGummies

      Glammed-up nails are always a great idea! These mesmerizing manicures take your Christmas spirit high and add wintry feels. Just like dainty holiday trinkets, cranberries, and hanging ornaments, add these new manicures to let the fiesta vibe kick in. 

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      9 Fall Nail Designs To Get You Ready For The Holiday Season | Power Gummies