Ways Your Mental Health is Getting Impacted During Periods.

Are you PMSing? Oh! is it that time of the month? These questions are not so pleasant to hear, especially if your periods are taking a toll on your mental health. An assumption that your mental health and menstrual cycle do not correlate is false, but on the other hand, it does create a fuss for several women. Period pains, bleeding, sudden mood change, and breast tenderness are a few physical indications that are tough to deal with and impact daily life. 

Once your periods start, your estrogen and progesterone take a slight drop that impacts the chemical release from the brain. Multiple types of research have shown that the cause of low levels of estrogen even lower serotonin levels. The low serotonin levels lower the happy hormone release.

The sudden drop in happy hormones causes unexpected mood swings and irritability during your menses. Your mental health and menstrual cycle are fundamentally linked to each other and influence each other.

PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome - PowerGummies

Conceding the fundamentals of how these two are interlinked can solve the issue and impact they have on your daily life. It will become easier for you to deal with as well. So, We will simplify this for you to understand the reasons and how to manage your mental health during periods. 

1. PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome: During the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle after your ovulation phase, you can experience physical and psychological concerns. PMS tends to be different for different women, and many types of research have shown that 80 % of women experience few common PMS symptoms during their menses. A few common symptoms are Bloating, Sore breasts, and Feeling anxious. Pms symptoms are mild for some, and some have more acute effects. 

How to manage your mental health during PMSing? 

# Take a warm bath as it warms you up and lightens your mood. 

# Eat healthily and skip sugary food items. Switch to options that fill you up and do not hamper your period health, like popcorn (Full of fiber) or dark chocolate( full of antioxidants), which have properties to improve your period health. 

# Try yoga and other exercises that help you release mental and physical stress. 

2. PMDD or Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder: This severe version of PMS has an impact on your mental and physical fitness weeks before your period date. It comes under the mental illness category as it impacts your mental health more than your period-related symptoms. It is categorized under the mental illness category as it has severe psychological symptoms that subdue any physical consequences.

PMDD symptoms are Depression, Feeling helpless and Suicidal thoughts. It is challenging for women dealing with PMDD, and it is confusing for them to work, socialize, and prefer staying isolated. 

How to manage your mental health during PMDD?

# Aromatherapy will help you deal with stress, insomnia, cramps, and anxiety too. 

# Meditation helps ground you and is an instant stress buster. 

PME or Premenstrual Exacerbation - PowerGummies

3. PME or Premenstrual Exacerbation: Heightening any pre-existing disorder condition during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. For someone who has facing anxiety, it will get worse to deal with, and PME is still under research for accuracy. 

You and your mental health are essential., and it differs for every woman. We care for you and recommend connecting with a medical professional to identify the issues concerning you about your periods. 

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Ways Your Mental Health is Getting Impacted During Periods. | Power Gummies