Hair Care Tips Exclusively For Men!

Hair care tips for men include hair growth tips for men too!

Talks about hair care have always been around women’s hair but what about hair care of men?

Here we are with some hair care tips for men because grooming is for everyone and hair care of men is our duty now.


Technically your hair is dead because it has no blood, no nerves or muscles but still, a hair care routine for men is essential because your hair needs the care to look best.

And hair care of men doesn’t mean only the strands but even the scalp needs attention too.

How To Care For Men’s Hair?

Hair care of men is crucial to deal with hair problems like hair fall, greasiness, and many more.

We have compiled a list of men’s hair care tips you need to take note of to maintain a healthy scalp and voluminous texture.

Attention, Hair care of men at focus now!

Apply Hair Masks

Believe it or not but hair masks as hair care of men are the best source of giving your hair all the nutrition.

The list of hair care tips for men involves giving proper nutrition too.

There are thousands of products for hair care of men in the market but what’s better is to create one at home especially when you can’t step out.

Include these DIY hair masks in the hair care routine for men:

  • Aloe Vera Mask:



This is the easiest hair care routine for men to stick with.

Scratch out the gel from the aloe vera plant and apply it directly to your hair.

Leave it for 15-30 mins then wash off with your regular shampoo. Hair care of men is easy too!

  • Egg Mask:


Here’s why hair care of men involves eggs.

Egg is rich in protein and is mentioned in every list of hair care tips for men.

Mix egg with curd or directly apply it on your hair, then wash it off after 30 mins for shiner and strong hairs and use it as hair growth tips for men.

  • Lemon & Yogurt Mask:


Vitamin C is the oldest option when we talk about hair care tips for men.

Mix equal amounts of the ingredients and apply it to your hair to treat dandruff.


Use hung curd and rinse the mask off after 30 mins.

These hair masks as hair care tips for men are a ‘must-add to the haircare care routine for men.

Less Is More

Men’s hair care tips, most searched by men of all age.

In the greed of getting smooth and silky hair like our celebrities, the biggest mistake done in the hair care routine for men is to use a lot of styling products.

Styling your hair is fine but overdoing it show side effects.

Experts suggest, if the products are used sparingly, one can have a natural look that makes you stand out.

Hair care of men isn’t too tough, right?

Remove Wax Right Way

This hair care tips for men is vital. 

Loving putting hair wax but can’t get it out of your hair? Here’s a quick hack for you. 


Apply shampoo to dry hair and rinse.

Follow this step of hair care of men with another application of shampoo.

This method will help break down the product and leave your hair clean. Hair care of men makes your hair strong.

Add this to the hair care routine for men because styling is what men love too! 

Don’t Rub, It Hurts!

So you know what’s the right hair care of men?

There’s a common mistake in the hair care routine for men we all have been doing since childhood, rubbing your hair hard to dry it quickly. 

The fact is your wet hair is weaker so rather than rubbing, pat - dry your hair to avoid any extra stress.

Men’s long hair is admired but hair care of men is much appreciated.



Just like your body, your hair too needs to relax.

Making massage a part of hair care of men is the best we have done.

Massage boosts blood circulation in your scalp. 

Adding a massage to the hair care tips for men is followed by avoiding stress to keep hair thinning and breakage at bay.

For healthy hair growth, pamper your hair with warm oil massages or dry head massage.

Avoid Shampoo Once In A While

Experts suggest that over-washing your hair isn’t part of the hair care routine for men.

It makes hair drier and will wash off the natural oils of your hair making it weak and prone to breakage. 

In the hair care routine for men, shampoo should be used only once or twice a week, other days apply conditioner.


Extra hair care tips for men: The use of conditioner will give you smoother, healthier-looking hair.

Long Hairs? Trim Often

If you have long hair, don’t be scared to trim them.

As hair care tips for men, trimming will help you get rid of split ends and make your hair grow faster.

Shape your hair so that it grows in your desired texture.  

Bonus hair care tips for men: Go for soft hold products for a soft and bouncy look.

Eat Right

Your diet isn’t just for your six-pack abs but for your scalp too.

Hair care of men includes consumption of food rich in Vitamin B (biotin) & omega 3, zinc such as eggs, green leafy vegetables, nuts, etc. 

Have a healthy diet, it’s a vital player in the hair care routine for men.

Some people also add vitamin gummies to the hair care routine for men like Power Gummies, Gorgeous Hair and Nails Vitamin gummies.


These are unisex gummies enriched with nutrients like zinc, biotin, iron, etc. for healthy hair.

Begin Now!

Hair care of men is important too. 

A good hair care routine for men is as great as food for your body that boosts hair regrowth.

Adapt to healthy hair habits as per your hair type and colour.

Start with simple and easy hair care tips for men for healthy hair in the hair care routine for men.

However, if you are dealing with some serious hair concerns, such as excess hair loss, do research or else you can always consult a doctor for the same.

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