Grow a Thicker Beard By Consuming These Foods

Fuller and denser beards is the love of almost all men. However, there are many of them that have to undergo some issues while growing their beard. These problems might include thinner facial hair, patchy beard, frizzy hair, and whatnot. But do you know how these problems occur? Apart from your hormones, your diet and your surroundings play a vital part in enhancing your beard growth 

Consuming more of junk and not focusing on foods that can provide nutrition to not only your facial hair but also your skin. These foods include nuts, olive oil, oranges, and many more of these that you might be intaking in your daily meals but would be unaware of its benefits. Hence, focusing more on them while eating your meals can show a significant impact on the growth of your facial hair. 

Foods for Beard Growth

Buddy…let’s go through these mind-blowing foods and know how they can aid in beard growth…

1. Nuts

Walnuts, Brazil nuts, peanuts and almonds are some of the tasty and nutritious snacks, but did you know they can offer you a second possibility to enhance the growth of your beard? Nuts are loaded with nutrients that can create a favourable environment for growth of beards. 

They have biotin and selenium that can help slow down the process of losing a beard and stop further falling. Proper consumption of selenium (no more than 400 mg daily) can stimulate hair growth because of its crucial function in the growth cycle. 

A prolonged exposure to UV rays could weaken the structure and the strength of your beard making your hair weak and vulnerable to breakage. Nuts even have Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a great ingredient to use in beard oils for those with sensitive skin as well as it helps protect your beard from the damage caused by the sun. 

2. Oranges

Oranges are naturally high in vitamin C that is a nutrient your beard will absolutely love. Vitamin C boosts hair growth and also provides you with plenty of antioxidants. Antioxidants can fight free radicals which can cause harm to hair cells and skin follicles. Vitamin C is a well-known ingredient for skin care due to its ability to heal the damaged skin cells.

The condition of your skin determines the condition of the beard. When your skin has been damaged, facial hair may have a tough growth process and would not grow evenly. Vitamin C consumption helps maintain your skin's health to allow your hair to develop properly. Vitamin C also benefits your hair as it prevents damage to the cuticles. It even strengthens the hair's protective strands. 

3. Dark Chocolate

Your beard requires a consistent supply of oxygen, blood flow, iron, zinc, copper, antioxidants and other essential nutrients to provide the results you want. But worry not! Your favourite dark chocolate can be beneficial for your beard development. 

Dark chocolate boosts the growth of cells. They also boost your metabolism and increase blood flow to your skin. This process in turn increases the speed of your beard’s growth. As all the required nutrients are present in a single, dark chocolate can be one of the best choices. 

4. Olive Oil

Olive oil contains 73 percent monounsaturated and 14% saturated with 13% being polyunsaturated fatty acid. It also contains oleuropein. Similar to carbohydrates, both compounds increase testosterone and DHT in appropriate levels within the body. This also positively impacts the growth of your beard. Thus you can replace the cooking oil you normally use with olive oil, to enhance your beard’s growth.

5. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a nutritious side dish that can be substituted for white potatoes. They are also a great food item that can help you develop hair. They're loaded with Beta-Carotene, a vitamin that helps promote healthy hair growth and skin health. If your hair has been looking dull lately, eating sweet potatoes on a regular basis will bring back the shine.

6. Spinach 

Spinach might not be the most popular in this selection. However, it’s incredibly vital. Green leafy vegetables are extremely abundant in a variety of nutrients that significantly impact the condition and appearance of your hair. If you do not get enough of the required nutrients the beard can become dull and could even cease to grow altogether. Spinach is so abundant in these vital nutrients that just a tiny bit is enough. 

7. Alfalfa Sprouts

It’s been discovered that eating alfalfa sprouts can boost DHT as well as testosterone levels. Both hormones are the reason for thicker hair growth. Just soak a handful of sprouts for a night in clean water. The next morning when you go for breakfast you can add a few pinches of salt and raw onion to make these sprouts taste better. 

8. Raisins

Raisins contain Boron, which increases testosterone levels and DHT production. It thus leads to the enhancement of facial hair. Raisins are a great option to consume. They can be consumed dry or can even be soaked in water and then eaten. You can mix them into Indian desserts such as kheer or halwa as well.

On the Whole

Your diet plays quite an essential role in the growth of your beard. The type of food you consume directly affects the development of the hair follicles. Hence, eating them in appropriate portions would help in increasing the rate of your facial hair’s growth. Take care that consuming not just a single food but a combination of multiple foods would provide you with the actual nutrition required for the growth of your facial hair. 

Consuming beard growth gummies can be an added bonus in enhancing your beard development. The “Dapper Hair & Beard” gummies are therefore one of the perfect choices to provide nutrition to the hair. These tasty treats contain ingredients such as Fenugreek Seed Extract, Biotin, Vitamins, Minerals, Folic acid, Beta-Sitosterol, and much more. It even has a DHT Blocker to prevent a receding hairline. Consume just two a for effective nutrition as we say. 

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1. Which foods naturally increase beard growth?

Foods that can help you naturally increase beard growth include spinach, sweet potatoes, nuts, berries, and avocados. Also, it has been observed that foods containing Vitamins A, B, C, and E can also assist in growing your beard at an increased pace.

2. What stimulates beard growth?

Beard growth can be stimulated by a number of factors such as proper sleep, your surroundings, and especially your hormones. Along with this, your diet plays an important role too in stimulating your beard’s growth. 

3. What causes a thick beard?

The primary reason behind having a thick beard is your genes. In addition to this, your testosterone levels also determine whether you will have a thick beard or not.

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