5 Ingredients You Should Avoid Using if You Have Curly Hair

Keeping up with the curly hair trends is quite tricky because they are changed every now and then. To fully embrace the texture of the hair, you need to update and get in sync with trends. The curly hair care regime is slightly complicated and has many steps like conditioners, gels, creams, and spritzes.

It takes a ton of effort to figure out what is wrong or right for your Gorgeous curly hair. You need an effective blend of a refreshing mix of all good things to pamper them and make them full of life (bouncy-bouncy).

Curly Hair | biotin for hair growth

Curly hair care can be frivolous and fussy, but once you unlearn a few things that damage your hair (especially knowing the ingredients), you can hop back to cheery, hydrated, healthy curls in no time. 

Here We Have Gathered Five Ingredients You Should Look Out for in Your Curly Hair Care Products: 


Parabens are highly likely to be added in most hair care products because of their preservative and fungicidal properties. They are considered the most crucial ingredient but have side effects such as possible irritation.

They dissuade the microbial contamination in your products, despite when they come in contact with the scalp, it can make itchy, dry, and cause dermatitis. It can become an issue for curly hair as it is considered more fragile, plus hair loss deteriorates overall hair health. 


All products that claim to make your hair smooth and silky often have silicones. It is like a thin coat that prevents water from entering or leaving the hair shafts. They are considered synthetic oils that act as a natural oils barrier, and somehow they benefit the curly hair to lock the moisture in to control frizz.

Although they have a few cons that initially protect your hair, using it religiously causes excess build up, which weighs your hair down. Use only one product with silicons and include an extra step in your hair care routine to remove the silicone buildup.


You should look for this ingredient in your hair product-Alcohol! This ingredient is available in two primary forms-fatty alcohol and drying alcohol. In most hair care products, you will find fatty alcohol; moreover, fatty alcohols like cetyl & Cetearyl alcohols tend to make your strands soft and dampened.

Drying alcohol, like propanol, can cause dryness to curly hair. On top of that, it makes them brittle and exposed to damage. Another form, Benzyl alcohol, is frequently added as a preservative in products with perfume. It can cause contact dermatitis, which damages the scalp.

Salicylic Acid:

Salicylic Acid is an effective potion to treat acne and improve skin texture, it is surprising to find this ingredient in hair care products. Salicylic acid is considered one of those ingredients that nurture your scalp conditions.

This ingredient can treat psoriasis, eczema, and even dandruff on the scalp but is not the best for curly hair. It helps remove excess oil from the scalp and hair but dries out the hair.


Sulfates have been deemed a no-no when added to the curly hair care regime. The clean feeling you get after washing your hair is because of surfactants present in sulfates that break down the oils and impurities off your scalp.

Deep cleaning can dry out the strands-Curly hair has a dry and coarse texture, making it even more brittle. Washing frequently can damage the hair cuticles leading to hair fall. On the other hand, Gentle forms of sulfates can be considered to remove dirt and oil from your hair. 

Hair Care regimes seem simple but take a lot of patience. Awareness regarding the ingredients your products consist of are necessary. Above mentioned ingredients can help you stay up to date about what works and what hampers your hair quality. 

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5 Ingredients You Should Avoid Using if You Have Curly Hair | Power Gummies