International Men's Day: Time to Revamp Your Winter Hair Care!

Frost season is here! The season of dryness would be more apt if you ask us as your hair becomes more dry and brittle. On top of that, the pollution levels are constantly changing, our hair and skin are more prone to get damaged if not taken care of properly.

Correct nutrient addition and following a wholesome diet is the way you can control the damages caused due to climate change. Winters can be a little harsh on your hair, especially when it comes to men. They do not consider taking care of their hair as much as they should.

Now, with the new generation of men accepting and encouraging the hair care routines. Good news! We are here to simplify the steps that you can follow, which can help reverse the damage and get your mantastic look.

The right time for a trim - PowerGummiea

1. The right time for a trim: Most men try endlessly to linger their trips to the barber. The first step to maintaining healthy growth and taking good care of your hair starts with a trim. Grooming requires regular trips to the barbershop, and you may be trying to maintain the desired length but, most hair stylists recommend getting a cut every 2-3 weeks to keep them healthy.

2. Use a microfibre or stop rubbing: After shampooing, if you are guilty of rubbing your hair too hard to dry them quicker, Man! You might want to skip that step. It makes your hair dry, and your hair becomes breakable. Try using a microfibre towel to dry your hair, and it will keep them smooth.

3. Do not use too much shampoo: Common habit where most men hop in the shower and wash their hair every single day. In that case, you are stripping off the natural oils of your hair, making them more likely to get damaged.

Natural oils of your scalp supposedly help in nourishment and protect your hair from damages. Using too much shampoo often strips those oils and causes your hair to become dull and weak. It is a prominent issue if you have naturally thin hair, plus it enables more hair loss.

International Men's day: Time to revamp your winter hair care!-PowerGummies

Try to maintain a routine where you do not skip the shampoo but do it at least three days a week with a nourishing shampoo.

4. Don't skip conditioner: Shampoo cannot do everything except clean the scalp, but what about deep conditioning? To protect your hair after shampoo, you need a deep conditioning conditioner to add natural oils back and add nourishment and smoothness.

Conditioners leave your hair moisturized, replace lost oils, promote hair growth, protect plus strengthen cuticles. All you need is a pea-size amount to apply at the ends of your hair to get the bonuses.

5. Invest in natural and chemical-free styling products: Your hair deserves love! If you are using products that come in 3 in one packaging and have a long list of harsh chemicals, then it is your sign to stop using them.

Your hair products with natural ingredients not only help your hair stay healthy but it enables them to grow and improve hair health. Petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, or silicones are chemicals that need checking before making your purchase.

For that crunchy look, you need hair styling products that contain harsh chemicals, and they slither down your hair follicles and negatively impact your hair growth. You will be better off using organic styling products like beeswax, castor oil, vitamin E, and argan oil.

6. Try masking once in a while: Weekly hair masking is all you need to get bouncy hair. The strand gets dull and tends to get flat after chemical product usage. Making helps you to get great hair with tons of volume and soft texture.

With weekly masking, you can get rid of grime, effects of pollution and rinse any product residue from your strands. It will help give your hair a boost before any styling and make them look shinner.

These steps will help your hair get revitalized, refreshed, and to get your shine back. It is crucial to support your hair vitality by adding the required nutrients for inner strength.

So what you should do inside your mouth matters the most to keep hair vitality maintained. Hop onto the new routine now!

International Men's Day: Time to Revamp Your Winter Hair Care! | Power Gummies