Power Over Periods: Is Inflammation Affecting Your Periods?

What happens if you get inflamed during your periods? Does inflammation make your periods more severe? How do you identify symptoms that have a worse impact?

Periods are an enigma which most women are still trying to figure out. It does put all women in a dilemma when asked what is causing issues during their Meneses. Hormones that help your uterus shed its lining, get mixed with bloodstreams are called Prostaglandins.

Prostaglandins are damaged tissues or infections caused due to hormonal changes. Inflammation is one of the direct reasons what make your period pains more severe, and Pms symptoms are more rugged.

Understanding the reason behind excess inflammation is slightly tricky but, once you get the root cause, you can drastically improve your period pattern and ease your unendurable period's issues.

These are a few signs by which you can get a gist of whether you are inflamed or not.

1. Heavy Flow:A common symptom among women who suffer from Inflammation during their cycle, heavy flow! If you have heavy bleeding, you might have to change your pad or tampons to get soaked within 1-2 hours of your period.

2. Pelvic Pain: Experiencing pain beyond your regular cramps then you might be suffering from inflammation or probably endometriosis. These are much more excruciating than any other pains you go through your periods. Unlike menstrual cramps, they are symptoms of very inflammatory conditions caused due to endometriosis implants in your pelvis.

3. Headaches: If you feel lethargic or dizzy during your periods, then you might be inflamed. Research has shown that some women go through severe headaches and might faint which, are signs of Inflammation.

When your body gets inflamed during periods, you will feel a sudden spike in weakness and sugar cravings. The resolution to this would be by managing your stress levels, eating a balanced diet, and staying active.

4. Period acne: Gut inflammation causes frequent breakouts because of nutrient deficiencies or unhealthy diet intake during your periods. These are indications that your body is inflamed, and your Estrogen levels are fluctuating during your menses. It triggers your sebaceous glands to discharge more sebum, and this results in breakouts.


5. Nausea: Too much inflammation causes digestive issues and gets affected during our cycle variations. If you are inflamed, you feel nauseous and might have to go through diarrhea.

6. Mood Swings: One of the not-so-fortunate perks of periods are sudden mood swings that get exaggerated even more if your body is going through Inflammation. Sometimes, these symptoms can get maintained with the correct measures in place. But, it isn't the case if the body is too inflamed and it flares up the behavioral changes.

You can reverse most of these symptoms with the correct nutrition and a healthy diet.

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We care about you, and if you resonate with any of these symptoms, we recommend you reach out to a medical professional for help.

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