6 Vegetarian Lunch Recipes to Aid Your Weight Management Journey

Boiled veggies and boring food are all we think that we have to eat during a weight management diet. But do you know our Indian diet is full of ingredients that can boost your metabolism and help you in managing weight? Thus, properly knowing about them and incorporating them into your meals can be beneficial when following a weight management plan. Additionally, when one is trying to shed weight eating a balanced diet is essential. 

Alongside regular workouts and intense training, it is crucial to restore all the energy and strength through the proper type of food. From curries, and lentils to green leafy vegetables, there are plenty of choices available in Indian food that could make an ideal healthy lunch. You can also include weight management gummies or similar supplements that can improve your metabolism and aid in weight management.

Here are some of the vegetarian lunch options that you can prepare during your weight management journey…

  1. Vegetable Bajra Khichdi

Bajra adds variety to your grain palette and this one-pot recipe is perfect to do that. We would recommend adding some spinach or other leafy greens to this dish to make it more delicious. It hardly requires to be soaked for a long period. You can also use up lots of vegetables in your fridge to make this khichdi tastier.

  1. Moong Sprouts and Methi Wrap

Who doesn’t like eating wraps? Almost all of us! But if you are on a weight loss diet, you can prepare a tasty yet healthy wrap too! This healthy recipe is full of the goodness and nutrients of sprouts. You need to first make rotis by rolling whole-wheat flour dough. Give them a round shape. These can then be cooked on a non-stick pan or Tawa. 

Use green moong dal sprouts for this recipe. The sprouts have to be then mixed with tomatoes, red chilly powder, onions, and salt. The sprouts have to be then mixed in with some fresh methi leaves. Stuffed this mix into the prepared rotis, and finally, rolled them up to make easy-to-eat wraps.

  1. Sarson Da Saag

Eating Sarson Da Saag is an ideal way to consume leafy greens. This recipe is a favourite of many and a popular staple in Punjab. However, while preparing this dish, you should not cook the mustard greens too long, or they will turn black. You should see that the green is turning from a brighter to a darker colour.

Corn Flour chapati is a great pairing with Sarson da saag. Also, make sure that you avoid adding butter, oil, ghee, or makhani to it. Eat it right after it has been cooked to get that fresh taste. Take care that you do not leave this dish or store it for too long.

  1. Bharwa Lauki

Lauki, also known as a bottle gourd, is another green vegetable that is great for consumption in summer. Lauki can be made into a mushy vegetable gravy dish. This lauki recipe includes a stuffed bottle gourd. 

You first need to cut the bottle gourd into two halves and then chop it into smaller pieces. The pieces should not be too small, as the stuffing has to be added. You then need to fill the pieces with a delicious paneer mixture. The lauki has to be now filled with scrambled paneer and finely chopped tomatoes.

  1. Vegetable Brown Rice Pulao

Pulao is a lighter, less-rich, vegetarian version of biryani. It can be filled with any variety of vegetables. To make the pulao, this recipe uses brown rice. As brown rice contains fewer calories than white rice, it can be healthier when on a weight loss diet. The one-pot recipe can be loaded with baby corn, broccoli, peas, capsicum, onions, or the vegetables of your choice. You can enjoy this delicious recipe with a bowl of raita.

  1. Paneer Bhurji

Paneer bhurji-Prepare Tasty Lunch with Power Gummies

The ingredient that all vegetarians love…paneer!!! It is rich in both calcium and protein. Preparing paneer bhurji is a lot healthier, tastier and has low carbs as well as calories. This is an easy and delicious recipe that everyone would love to eat. In a large saucepan, heat oil and then add cumin seeds. Next, put a teaspoon of ginger-garlic paste into the pan. 

Salt, turmeric, and finely chopped tomatoes have to be added now. The tomatoes should be softened and mushy. Put some garam masala, red chilly powder and salt. Mix in the crumbled paneer. Lastly, add coriander leaves to garnish. Paneer is rich in calcium and protein. This dish has low carbs and calories.

All in All

We now hope that these lunch recipes will match your taste and make your afternoon meal tastier. These nutritious recipes will also provide you with energy and aid in managing weight. As a result, your diet would not get affected and you would be able to enjoy a delicious lunch as well. 

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