Power Hair Care: 4 Wet Hair Mistakes That Are Damaging Your Hair

We all are in a super hurry to start our mundane lifestyles and get on with our daily tasks. Especially the mornings are full of chores that need completion in a confined period.

After showering, the first thing you rush to get is your hairbrush to get the tangles out! Then stop! Because it seems convenient and quick, but this might be the root cause of your hair becoming more damaged after rinsing.

Detangling the knots while your locks are already soaking wet makes them more prone to get damaged. We often start blasting blow dryer heat onto our hair to get them to dry faster, but it should concern you.

The heat helps with drying your hair quicker, but your tresses end up more damaged and frizzy.

Rubbing your wet hair - Powergummies

After shampooing, your tresses are fragile and need extra love. The products that you have used to get your hair prepped and smooth go all in vain.

It is necessary to religiously develop a routine where you keep your brush aside from your damp tresses.

We have accumulated 4 main reasons your hair are more damaged after hair wash:

1. Rubbing your wet hair: Just like actresses in movies, we get tempted to rub our hair using our towels. This procedure breaks your tresses, causes frizz, and they end up drier. You can pat dry your hair with a microfiber cloth will help retain the hair and create less frizz.

2. Try not to sleep with wet hair: In our busy schedules, it becomes difficult to wash your hair early morning while you are rushing to reach on time. Sleeping with soaking wet hair makes your strand more damaged and breaks your strands which causes more hair fall.

Sleeping with wet tresses creates more friction when rubbed against the pillow. It weakens the hair from your roots including the mid-lengths. You need to dry your hair and use a microfiber cap to air dry your locks before sleep.

3. Skip tying your wet hair: It is convenient to tie up your damp hair in a bun or knot a braid when rushing to get on with your day. Your hair is the most vulnerable when they are wet, and when they are tied up, it causes the tension to increase the dryness.

Damp hair snags when pulled up to tied up and worsens the hair strands quality. Make sure your hair is dry before you tie them up, and use a silk scrunchie or hairband.

4. Avoid heat tools on wet hair: Getting late and reaching for your heat tools to dry your soaking wet hair, hold on! This step will help your hair dry faster but, it will take all the moisture out.

You can use the heat tools after your hair is semi-dried and on the lowest setting. Don't forget to use your hair protectant and hair serum to protect your strands from any further damage.

You need to add steps to curb the impacts if your tresses are dry and you made the before-mentioned mistakes. How can you modify the damage? The answer is adding Vitamin to your diet which will help you restore the hair strength from the inside.

Power gummies Hair and Nails Vitamin has Biotin, which helps with increasing the body's keratin structure that helps strengthen your hair, and supports hair growth.

We care for you and recommend checking with a medical professional regarding any hair-related issues.

Power Hair Care: 4 Wet Hair Mistakes That Are Damaging Your Hair | Power Gummies