Power Over Period: Magnesium Can Fix Your PMS Symptoms

Are you in search of the nutrients and vitamins that can help you with your pesky period cramps or make them vanish? That time of the month is challenging, and you need vitamins to ensure the merest impact on your daily life.

We have found an efficacious multivitamin that can resolve most of your period woes and has tons of other bonuses that help you accomplish more substantial health, Magnesium! 

This mineral is required to be present in a modest quantity in our body to stimulate various purposes. Magnesium has tons of benefits that help our health betterment, and most people are deficient in it and may not recognize the deficiency.

It helps with energy production, improves digestion, eases anxiety, and much more. Magnesium is known to help with keeping your hormones happy and other PMS symptoms.

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Let's get to know how Magnesium helps with curbing your PMS symptoms: 

Menstrual migraines/Headaches :

The constant throbbing in just one side of your head, particularly the dreadful sluggish feeling during your periods caused due to the PMS headaches.

If you suffer from such headaches, then your magnesium levels are lower than required. These levels tend to get lower during your periods due to your hormones.

Your body produces estrogen and progesterone during your menses. The higher the hormone levels and it reduces the magnesium levels. You can nullify the impacts by supplementing Vitamins and by staying hydrated.


Period cramps are the most finicky to deal with during menses. To ease those irregular spasms, you need to keep your hot bags and your diet controlled.

These sudden PMS pangs make the period painful and result in you getting irritated. An effective muscle relaxer that provides relief before the cramps hit is all that is required.

Magnesium helps relax the uterus muscles contracting and relieves the discomfort. You can also use heat pads and take hot showers to get instant relief as well.


Period cravings are no joke! Several studies have shown that women crave high sodium food items which, help produce happy hormones. High sodium or greasy food items may ease your period mood, but it hurts your overall health.

When you crave such foods, your body needs Magnesium. Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants, and it is high in magnesium content. It makes it a great PMS combat snack.

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Happy Hormones :

Have you felt a sudden rage of anger, irritability, and sadness during your periods? Serotonin is the mood-boosting hormone that helps you decompress and stabilize your mood.

Magnesium can induce serotonin production and help with PMS symptoms. It converts amino acid named tryptophan into serotonin which instantly enhances your mood. Magnesium has properties that aid with preventing fatigue, better night's sleep, and regulating body temperature.

You can fix these issues with the right amount of Magnesium intake!

You can add Magnesium-rich foods, supplements and take enriched baths to regulate the levels. Magnesium-rich foods items are almonds, dark chocolate, popcorn, and pumpkin seeds which you add to your diet during the menses.

Magnesium effervescence supplements help with balancing the needed amount. That Time of The Month has Magnesium Sulphate which, reduces a wide variety of PMS signs and mood fluctuations.

We care for you and recommend checking with a medical professional to understand your symptoms before any lifestyle changes.

Power Over Period: Magnesium Can Fix Your PMS Symptoms | Power Gummies