Power Hair Care: How to Reverse The Hair Dye Damage

What is causing my hair damage, and how can I reverse it? One of the common questions that everyone is asking these days.

Dryness, brittleness to split ends, and breakage, these hair damage concerns have become extremely common because of climate change and especially the adverse pollution. 

To preserve your hair from such damages is with the appropriate intake, less chemical-based products, and minimizing heat harm. We often choose products or opt for the contemporary option or styles that we find on the internet to snazzy our looks.

Using hair color is another hot topic that we have come across that leads to tons of hair damage. It does help jazz up and change the way you look but leaves your hair chemically ruined. The excessive coloring process extracts the natural hair oil and makes your hair lose its natural luster.

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If you have recently gotten your locks colored or if thinking about getting them colored, there are a few things you need to understand. Starting with, what is hair coloring and what does it does to your hair?

In the early years, the Coloring process used natural-flower color-based dyes, which had minimal impact on hair. To start with the coloring process, you need to use a developer to lighten your permanent hair.

This process opens the cuticle layer which allows the color molecules to penetrate the cortex depositing.

It damages your hair, especially if not done right. If you are over-processing or changing your hair color, it causes permanent damage. There are multiple ways you can get your tresses colored:Semi-permanent, Demi-Permanent, and Permanent.

-Let's know what is Semi-permanent, Demi-Permanent, and Permanent hair coloring?

1. Semi-permanent hair color:This process helps your hair get darker, not lighter as it does not contain peroxide to lift the hair color. This color only lasts for about six to twelve shampoos as the color deposits on the outer layer. This hair color does minimum damage, then this process will be a safe choice. This process helps enhance the shine and condition them.

2. Demi-Permanent hair color: This hair color process includes low amounts of peroxide that lightens the hair slightly. It deposits the color between the cuticle and cortex. Demi-Permanent hair color stays longer for about 12 – 26 washes.

3. Permanent hair color: This hair color stays for longer and until the colored strands grow out. It lightens the permanent hair up to 4 levels and is not recommended to go above that level. It does have more damage compared to other hair color processes.


Now, it's time to know how to protect your hair after such a hair coloring process?

# Hydrate: It is the most crucial step to protect your hair. After the hair coloring process, your strands get stripped off of all the natural moisture. Drinking water will help you retain moisture.

# Masking: After getting your tresses chemically treated, you need to take your hair care seriously. You can include a hair mask available in the market which hydrates and moisturizes your hair. You can also opt for home-based masks to get natural ingredient benefits without any parabens.

# Right shampoo: Picking the most suitable shampoo for your chemically treated. Your hair color strips and opens the hair cuticle plus moisture loss. You should purchase a shampoo that is mild, sulfate-free, and increases moisture. Sulfate shampoos fade the hair color faster as well.

# Ultra-nourishing conditioner: After using your shampoo, you need to invest in a prominent deep-conditioning conditioner. After the color treatment, your hair loses its smoothness and becomes frizzy.

# Keep your heat tools away: Straightening or curling your hair using heated irons causes more damage than you can anticipate. High heat affects your colored hair, and your tresses lose more moisture causing breakability and dryness.

With a few efforts, you can change the way your color-treated hair is and bring back your hair moisture. Another way you can reverse the damage is by adding Vitamin to your diet which will help you restore hair health from the inside.

Power gummies Hair and Nails Vitamin has Biotin, which helps with increasing the body's keratin structure that helps strengthen your hair, and supports hair growth.

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