Power Hair Care : What Are The Possible Root Causes Of Your Hair Loss?

Are you noticing more and more hair strands around your house? Commonly, people lose around 50 or 10 strands a day which is a normal process. It should concern you if you are losing more than that.

Hair shedding depends on multiple factors, like your medications, hormonal imbalance, eating habits, or frequent lifestyle change.

If you have started discovering more hair strands after washing your hair, on pillows, or after combing these below mentioned can be the root cause for your hair shedding:

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1. Not eating enough fats: Back in the day, Healthy fats were considered a no-no by nutritionists and dieticians because of multiple reasons. Studies have found high fat and low carb diets that have shown more positive results.

Fat is a beneficial component for treating and preventing hair loss. For hair growth, Omega 3 induces hair to grow and helps with the fallout. Fatty fish, nuts, and olive oil are great fats that you can add to your diet.

2. Poor gut health: There can be several reasons that hamper your gut health. Gut bacterias and biotin are most vital for hair growth. We need to add foods that have these to ensure hair growth.

3. Chronic stress: Chronic stress causes and puts a lot of individuals' health at risk! Chronic stress includes depression, anxiety, digestive issues, and it depletes hair growth rate. Due to chronic stress, hair growth goes into the resting phase.

During this new cells are not regenerated. This resting period causes hair loss. You can manage this stress by practicing yoga, meditation, and therapy.

4. Vitamin deficiency: Your hair needs different kinds of Vitamins and nutrients that help with factors related to quality and growth. Vitamin deficiency is a prominent cause of hair fallout and less hair growth.

Vitamin D deficiency is one of the causes of hair loss, and it stimulates hair follicles and the thickness of strands. Another vitamin, Zinc which plays a significant role in hair tissue growth and repair.

5. Low protein intake: Protein is crucial for healthy hair and moreover it limits hair loss. The constant change in diets causes protein malnutrition which leads to hair shedding and weak strands.

These low levels are prevented with maintained protein intakes. You can add meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dried beans, and nuts to add the precise amount of protein.

Our lifestyle changes are the core reason behind our health issues, and these issues have impacts on other functions related to our bodies.

These root causes can be cured with a constructive diet intake, taking vitamins and minerals, increasing protein-rich meals, and mindful movement.

We care for you and recommend connecting with a medical professional to ensure the reason behind such consequences.

Power Hair Care : What Are The Possible Root Causes Of Your Hair Loss? | Power Gummies