Self Care Tips You Need To Follow During Your Periods

That time of the month can be gruesome and the most annoying time that no lady wants to go through. Mood swings, cramps, cravings, and whatnot! It envokes all the pesky emotions that we try to hide during our busy routines.

To manage this, we need to start following a routine and take care of ourselves. Some ways can help you deal with those annoying periods cramps. We have found the rituals you can perform during the period cycle to help you move ahead.

Avoid eating junk food during periods PowerGummmies

1. Avoid eating junk food : Cravings during your periods are common, and we crave high-carb foods due to hormonal imbalance. The hormone that makes you feel better is called Serotonin, which decreases during the menstruation cycle to produce more body needs high carb foods to help increase serotonin levels.

The sudden urges can impact your overall health and create a hormonal irregularity that leads to fluid retention in your body. Bloating and cramping worsen during high sodium intake. It matters when you are drinking coffee and high-fat foods.

During the period, avoid alcohol intake as it makes your cramps more painful, and gut health deteriorates too.

Foods you should avoid Dairy, sugary foods, fried foods, soda, red meat, and coffee. Foods that have rich essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B6 helps in PMS and also with symptoms such as bloating, craving, and fatigue. Foods that are rich in omega-3 do help with PMS symptoms.


2. Try and stay active : To ease your period and PMS symptoms, you can do a little bit of movement. You can add walk and running to induce mood-boosting endorphins.

You can also do yoga classes which might help you with stress, bloating, and cramps. You can choose any mindful movement that is comfortable for you, and it helps with improving your strength & energy levels.

Try skipping high-intensity workouts. Listen to your body and decide accordingly!

3. Take your vitamins : We often skip this self-care step, the most crucial step that will help you go through your periods without any problems. Due to hormonal disbalance, the body needs an extra boost of nutrients and vitamins, which help run functions smoothly.

Our nutrients and vitamin intake can be through various fortified foods which have the required nutrients. That time of the month by power gummies can do the same for you, as they feel like a warm hug that takes all your pain away.

Just two gummies a day, and PMS symptoms are far away.

4. Use heating pads or a warm water bath : The most fruitful way to ease your pain is by taking a hot water bath. It is most beneficial for your painful cramps or muscle soreness. It relaxes your muscles and gives you comfort during your periods.

Add bath salt for extra relaxation. Heat pads are another period cramp healer which gives the precise amount of comfort during those pesky cramps.

Periods take a toll on not only our bodies but also on our mental health. With our busy calendars, it is essential to prioritize self-care and gain knowledge about our problems.

These are just a few ways to ensure a healthy PMS journey. You can also journal your struggles or try meditating to relax your mind and take some stress off.

We care for you and recommend checking with a medical professional for an opinion regarding your condition.

Self Care Tips You Need To Follow During Your Periods | Power Gummies