Winter Hair Care Hacks For Healthy And Shiny Locks

With the cold breeze and the temperature dropping, it is a reminder to sip a hot cup of cocoa! The chiller the days are getting, our skin and hair need more care! Hair casualties are common during winters, especially with an alarming increase in the pollution rate.

It is time to gear up and get out of our winter comfort zone. The frosty colds make your tresses and scalp uncomfortable, flaky, rough, dehydrated, and breakage-prone. As always, we can't let you fall behind, so we have found 8 hair care steps that can level up your winter hair care.

Winter Hair Care Hacks For Healthy And Shiny Locks -  Powergummies

1. Conditioning: The prime step after shampooing your hair is to use a deep conditioning conditioner! Using a conditioner afterward your shampoo is crucial as shampoos tend to strip natural oils off your hair. Set a timer to 5 minutes, lather your conditioner, wash it after 5 minutes, and your hair will thank you later. It will not only moisturize your hair but will add shine and make them super smooth. It will also get rid of extra frizziness and control breakage.

2. Massage Scalp With Hair Oil: Regular hair massages during the wintertime are the full proof way to add tons of nourishment to your hair. You can apply hair oils once or twice a week if you can not do oiling regularly. It will nourish your hair, strengthen your hair follicles by moisturizing the scalp and elevating blood supply in the hair roots. Oils like almond, sesame, olive, and coconut are efficient during the frost season.

3. Use a scarf: We all get tempted to show off our winter hairstyle as trying new styles is so much easier in winter than in summers! But our hair too gets stressed when they get exposed to cold weather. You can use a scarf or a hat with a silk cloth inside to prevent friction.

4. Reduce use of heat tools: Who would not like heat during this cold weather? Your hair! They get delicate during winter, and using heat tools can make them fragile, causing hair damage. Try to let your heat tools away from your hair and embrace the natural texture of your hair.

5. Say no to Hot Showers: Pouring hot steamy water over your head is relaxing and tempting, but hot water can extract the essential oils and moisture from your hair, causing it to dry. It makes your scalp dry and causes flakiness.

6. Regular Trims: With the temperature dipping and the cold breeze, your hair becomes prone to breakage, and chances of split end increase. You can prevent this by getting your hair trimmed every three to seven weeks. It will make your hair look super fresh and remove dry ends enabling stronger hair.

Regular Trims: With the temperature - Powergummies

7. Use Microfiber towels: Cotton bath towels can cause friction and make it rough. You can switch to microfiber towels as they are gentle on your hair and have great water-absorbing capacity. It also helps reduce friction and hair drying time.

8. Humidifier: With the constant change in the temperature, your tresses lose their moisture. Humidifiers help restore the moisture levels inside the room to counter dryness.

9. Nutrient enriched diet: Hydrate Hydrate hydrate! Lack of water intake during wintertime can affect your hair and make them brittle. Dehydration and lack of a nutrient-rich diet is another reason why your hair health gets depreciated. Include healthy diet options and take essential vitamins to regain your hair health.

Nutrient enriched diet - Powergummies

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Winter Hair Care Hacks For Healthy And Shiny Locks | Power Gummies