Power Nail Care: 6 Ways to Change Your Winter Nail Care Routine

As the temperature drops, your body starts to change its course! Winters can be arduous on the body, and as we change our way of dressing, update our shoe closet, and so many other things, there is one thing that we should care about the most, our wintertime nail care! Your cuticles get ruined by the cold weather, and dry air sucks the moisture out of your skin by making them weak. We all dream about having flawlessly manicured nails all year round, but the frosty weather makes it flaky and brittle.


We have found ways to change your nail care this winter to ensure your nails stay long and strong.

1. Give your nails a breather: Give your nails a breather once in a while as the nail polishes contain chemicals that damage the outer skin layer of your nails. Your nails need good UV light to stay nourished, so keep your nails clean for a while before you go ahead to apply nail polishes.

2. Care for Your Cuticles: During the chilly weather your nails get dehydrated and keep them moisturized, you can use cuticle oil. The oil will nourish the deeper layers of the skin and provide the required moisture. You can use cuticle oil daily and massage to enable nail growth.

3. Be Gentle With Your Nail File: Your nails tend to break more during winters because of the dropping temperature levels. Try keeping your nails as short as possible and avoid filing deep into the corner. It can weaken the nails, plus light strokes from the side to the center will be better.

4. Say No to Acetone Nail Polish Remover: Apply an acetone-free remover after you give a break from nail polishes. Nail polish removers have acetone that can be harsh on the nails, and it can cause them to dry out, so try acetone-free, which is gentler on the nails. It helps prevent peeling and damage.

5. Use hand cream: Your nail plates are more prone to go through dehydration in wintertime. They tend to start peeling, breaking nails, or fray edges. You can apply a moisturizer and do an at-home treatment mask to protect your hands and nails from any such damage.

6. Wear Gloves: You can prevent cold climate damage with a nice pair of warm and fuzzy gloves. You can protect your nails with gloves which help your nails not get damaged by the cold weather. 

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Let's enjoy the winter season with perfect nails and increase nutrition levels to accomplish your winter Hair and Nail care!

Power Nail Care: 6 Ways to Change Your Winter Nail Care Routine | Power Gummies