Power Lean: Nikita's Transformation is Your Dose of Motivation

How did you do it? But you used to love food? What did you eat, grass? The two-faced social media facade might have opened a portal of unspoken transformation stories that have positive and negative aspects related to weight loss.

We see a daily feed full of netizens sharing their struggles and challenges around losing weight and how hard they work to achieve their desired bodies. We came across a similar transformation story, or let us rephrase, an incredible life transformation that has fueled us to pick up that apple kept in front of us rather than the chocolate cupcake right next to it. 

We see a daily feed full of netizens sharing - Powergummies

We only have 28 days left, and why wait till the New year for a health overhaul. There are simply no shortcuts to better health and body, you need to put in work, but you have an opportunity to do it your way. There is a bevy of workout options available, and as we are stepping into the digital epoch you can find at-home workout classes that are easier to follow. 

We admire Nikita's journey to transform her life from fat to fit, even with typhoid. The actual transformation journey from 98 to 64 Kgs started when her doctor informed her about typhoid diagnosis because of unhealthy food choices. Being overweight was not easy for her, and on multiple occasions, she encountered criticism for it, and everyone wanted to share their viewpoint on how she should lose her body fat. 

She shared that her journey began with her mother setting her on the right path and helping her understand healthy eating practices. Once she hopped on the journey of losing her weight, there was no stopping her, and the first thing Nikita instantly joined was a Zumba class plus added a 20 minutes strength training session after.

Nikita pledged to entertain only the right food choices that included no sugar intake, no junk food, and drinking 3-4 liters of water. Nikita monitored her daily walking steps and then made it a habit to walk for about 10 K, which worked like a wonder. 

Nikita monitored her daily walking steps - PowerGummies

Staying committed to a particular diet was not easy for her, so she kept including food items that helped her manage her craving. Nikita followed two mantras throughout her journey to transform. The first mantra is plate management, she gained an understanding of portion control and included food items that helped her in the process. 

She achieved her desired body weight with a balanced diet and a rigorous workout routine. This journey made her more positive as a person, and she will continue to improve every day. 

If you’re also planning to lose some weight, have a look at these pics, and we hope they will become your inspiration. We would love to share your story on our blog and inspire more of our PG fam to join the #BeInPower clan.

Power Lean: Nikita's Transformation is Your Dose of Motivation | Power Gummies